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11 Ways to Support Someone During Mania

Mania, whether it be a full-blown episode or a shorter period of hypomania, is at the very center of the bipolar disorder diagnosis. Both manic episodes and hypomania are characterized by increased amounts of self-esteem and grandiosity, racing thoughts, irritability, and goal-directed behaviors or activity. Given that mania or hypomania are shared experiences for all those living with bipolar disorder, we reached out to our Facebook audience and asked them for tips on how loved ones, friends, and others can help them during these manic times.

It’s important to remember that the following tips are not comprehensive and are not guaranteed to be what works best for you personally. Communication between friends/loved ones and those with manic symptoms is key. Before instituting some of the tips below (such as calling one’s doctor and taking away their phone and credit cards), make sure you have permission to do such when a manic or hypomanic episode occurs.

Which of these do you agree with? Which do you disagree with? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments below. 

1. Avoid patronizing or combative words

“Don't make presumptions and say off the cuff remarks like, ‘are you drunk!’” – Haze S.

“I mean, there are things to not do like don't tell me to calm down, don't tell me to relax.” – Joy P.

“Don't assume I'm manic just because I'm upbeat or exaggerated, I might just be in a great mood. Don't tell me to calm down or stop because it's not something I can physically control.” – Crystal G.














2. Don’t take things personally

“Recognize that my distance has nothing to do with them or my love of them, and everything to do with my relatively short-term inability to empathize and connect.” – Rachel S.

“Give me my space and don't take anything I do or say personally. I feel awful for being irritable, but can't help it at the moment.” – Pamela H.

“Just don't take me seriously. This will help with forgiveness later.” – Emily B.

“Try not to get offended, as I get a wobble gob and have no filter! I often say things I later regret or hurt people's feelings by telling them the truth.” – Claire T.

“Don't take my irritability personally, come chill with me in a calm, safe environment.” – Deb E.














3. Give them space

“I say things and do things beyond my control. Just stay away.” – Judith A.

“Just allowing me to breathe, finding my calm, and allowing my wibbly wobbly moods to simmer/work its way out means a lot (unless you hear me saying some really scary stuff — if you do, just sit me down or try to distract me.)” – Camille J.

“They can just leave me alone, preferably. Not just with mania but the depressive episodes, too. I'd rather just be left alone.” – Alisha F.

“Leave me well alone. It's better for everyone, as I can become angry and agitated with every word of kindness given. I know they love me, but it's not what I want when I have an episode.” – Mandy I.














4. Keep them company

“The two times I have been extremely manic, psychosis and all, my husband has been with me and/or my family. I cannot be left alone because I don't know what I would even do, I am very unpredictable.” – Cynthia B.

“The best advice I can give to anyone who's loved one is going through mania is to watch their behavior, spend more time with them, try to let them get out all their hyped-up feelings and listen to them, don't make faces that they’re crazy or anything.” – Karen R.

“Do things with me that are fun, keep me busy, while keeping me safe. Don't make me feel stupid or embarrassed for rambling on or not making sense.” – Kari R.














5. Protect them from harm — especially financial harm

“That the best way to help me is to lovingly express concern over my manic behavior, especially when it is detrimental to my health or lifestyle (like when I want to quit my job and start a new business ... Every other day with some new grand idea or invention. Or when I compulsively spend money. Or self-medicate with alcohol or working out.)” – Rachel S.

“The best thing someone can do for me is take my credit cards. Next, I need someone to talk to or I will start to obsess about things like FB.” – Kt J.

“Take away my credit cards and block me from buying ANYTHING on credit.” – Kevin B.












6. Take away phones or passwords (if agreed upon)

“When I was manic, I started giving away cash to strangers and friends so def take my money away from me. Be kind. Kindness helped me. I also posted a lot of random stuff on Facebook and a friend took away my passwords and changed them for me.” – Stephanie K.

“Take my phone away from me. I go in to a shopping frenzy on my phone when I’m manic.” – Fran F.


















7. Encourage their behaviors (within reason)

“If I am obsessing about something that isn’t particularly harmful, let me work through it and get it out of my system — there may occasionally be benefits of it.” – Camilla B.

“My husband tries very hard to balance letting me see my bright plans through (otherwise, I'd get frustrated because I think they're amazing, foolproof plans) and trying to talk me out of things that really aren't amazing, foolproof plans because he knows what I'll be like when my plans fail. I'm so lucky to have him; he handles me better than I handle me.” – Aimee F.










8. Give their doctor or psychiatrist a call (if necessary)

“Ring my psychiatrist.” – Xena S.

“Call my psychiatrist; make me an appointment; drive me to the appointment. I shouldn't drive when I'm that up.” – Becky O.

“Remind them to slow down and maybe call [their] doctor.” – Marc D.


















9. Remind them about their medication

“When I am struggling, my friends and family ask if I have eaten and when, they also ask if I have taken my meds and literally bring them to me if I haven't.” – Stephanie B.

“It's VERY important for me to take my medication so I can start slowing down. If I wasn't medicated, I would not be able to survive.” – Cynthia B.

“My wife gives me space, she asks if I've taken my meds and doesn't make me feel guilty for not sleeping next to her because she knows it's not a choice.” – Candra C.














10. Prepare for a depressive episode

“Enjoy the fact that I'm super productive, but be aware that it comes crashing down and prepare to catch me as I fall.” – Crystal G. 

“Be patient, prepare for the inevitable crash, help more at home, love me unconditionally ...” – Brandi B.








11. Provide hugs, love and general support

“Respect my disease, respect that I'm trying to control myself the best I can, love me for who I am without trying to change things about me that will never change.” – Megan S.

“Be understanding when I talk too fast and say things that sound off the wall. Know that my brain is running so fast I don't have time to really understand what I am saying.” – Joy P.

“Unconditional love is what you can do to help me the most.” – Rachel S.


Just because we're bipolar doesn't mean we don't deserve respect when we ask to be left alone, to reschedule, or say "no" to something. Planning anything can turn into an irritating, furious mess in no time if something small goes wrong. Just trust us on that one. We'll all have a better time. :-)

Hello! In need of major help! My friend from out of state was here for work. He lost his job the first week he was here. He is drinking out of control, blew through all money, asking for more money from ANYONE, he is all over the place. He starting pawning yesterday, ended up in the E.R with a broken finger and split head from falling down on a dance floor. He is sleeping on the beach and hustling people. I am desperate. I know nothing about this, all i know is he needs help. Please tell me how to help him!

Sorry, I forgot this part. He lost his phone, won't eat much, and the blisters on his feet are like nothing I have ever seen?? I ask him about them or a plan, and before I know it I am back home and have no idea what just happened?

Hi Holly, Thank you for contacting IBPF. We are sorry to hear about what you are going though with your friend. If you beleive your friend is in a crisis, please call this number which is a crisis line with listeners trained to help you: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), as we are not a crisis center. You can also reach the Crisis Text Line by texting START to 741-741. For a list of international crisis centers visit this page:

Making the decision to get help is difficult for many people and it may take some time. You are doing the right thing by learning more about how to help him. This article has advice on how to approach the topic and suggestions for what to say:

We also have a recorded lecture that goes into this topic in greater detail:

Another option to try is attending a support group for caregivers. It’s comforting to talk with others who are in a similar situation and you can learn a lot by asking them questions and seeing what has or hasn’t worked for them. Let us know if you would like help finding a support group in your area.


I hope this information is helpful to you, let us know if you have any other questions.

My husband was diagnosed about 6 months ago and finally started meds 3 months ago. He is verbally abusive and threatening when he is manic. We've been married 33 years. I feel guilty for thinking that I can't handle this, as he doesn't work and couldn't support himself. What do you spouses do?

Hey, so I am bipolar and I hate it when I have sucidal thoughts. I often feel like I'm not in control.

If you are in a crisis, please call this number which is a crisis line with listeners trained to help you: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), as we are not a crisis center. You can also reach the Crisis Text Line by texting START to 741-741. For a list of international crisis centers visit this page:


If you are not in a crisis and would like someone to talk to online, we recommend the It’s a free, anonymous online chat with a trained listener.

you have absolutly no clue what are talking about! Definitly no help and if you think any of that shit will help someone in a manic episode....seriously? You judge. There are different types of bipolar. Speaking for myself only, I am a wonderful, generous, smart, strong person. Bipolar sucks! Its exhasting and suffering and unfair. So hate it. And NO...medication is bull.

It's intensely difficult to "not take things personally" when the person is close enough to know exactly how to hurt you the most and is bold enough to go for it. I know my friend will feel terrible about how she's currently treating me in a few months, but that doesn't make me feel better at all.

I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!

Makes it really difficult when that person is your mom and you need to be there to pick up the pieces time and time again.

My wife was diagnosed in 2002 as Bipolar 2 after running away from a alchol treatment facility. She was missing for 48 hours, when she called to say she just wanted water (Police had blocked her money card). She called on work free call number. Lucky I was the first M in the directory. She was speaking Afrikaans and did not know where she was. The Police put here into care and she was in care for 6 weeks. Since then we have had five separations, 26% third degree burns, she smashed my leg (20cm plate) and has accussed me of horrendous things. When my wife of 18 years is unwell she hates me physically leaves me and refuses to talk to me.

As her mental state improves she say why did I hate you, your my friend, I need you, it then goes onto you are friend but i do not love you like I should and finally she says you are xxx my best friend and I do love you.

I find the episode to be extremely taxing as I am shut out and isolated.

Yesterday one of her friends rang me to say She is definitely unwell (I knew this, infered this) and asked about putting her into care, hospital.

My wife knows that if she say she wants a devorce she effectively stop this action by me. She also know that she can act well for 30 minutes when checked by the police. in 2016 when I asked for a police assessment she convinced the officer she was fine. literally 10 minutes after he left she had passed out and was found in the hotel lying under a funning shower uncounscious. She was rushed to hospital and was reliving a trauma from her late teens. She was speaking her mother toung and said that her brother was locked in the car boot and she had just been raped. (A real trauma fromher past). The hospital rang to ask about her brother, he is in a home for the handicaped 12,000km away. She truely believes in her mind that he was unsafe. She also truely believes I hurt her...convinced the family court once, (When I had broken leg) that i was a monster. We spent 6 months getting the protection order lifted. She took me to the family court as her "support person", and the defendant. She was scared that the court would put her in jail for lying, I tried to tell her the court would not do that because she was unwell.

If it wasn't my life youd think it was funny. Her family lives more than 12,000km away, and I brought her to our country. I am in part her care giver, in part a spouse and in part a trigger. I know that provided she is looked after she will get better. But she does not like been medicated. It causes her to physically become sick. At the start of this episode she spent 3 weeks in hospital because she had kidney problems. I does not help that lierature says a side effect of lithium is kidney problems.

So men also suffer. I am treated like a domestic abuser. My wife is now in womans refuge. Not really where she should be.

I just recently started dating a guy who told me very early on that he has bipolar.I have never been or experienced a relationship with somebody living with bipolar. Recently he has become very depressed and angry, he does not communicate with me and when he does not say much, we got into a fight and he ended up breaking it off with me saying that he feels drained and exhausted by me, I took it personal and sent him text after text demanding an explanation. I realise now that my actions pushed him further away. I don't know what to do and I don't want to loose him. How can I handle his low moments better. I myself suffer from anxiety so I have no clue how to deal...pls help...he is my best friend and I don't want to give up on him.

Hey Milly, i know you posted this question a long time ago, i am just wondering if you did get a solution to your problem, i am currently in a same situation and i really don’t know how to deal with this.

Thanks.....this is her.... I just never knew it. I hope I didn't find this too late. I love her so much.

I'm very thankful for this son is 26 and of right now, he's never been on meds, and I need to learn how to deal with his mania...he will be getting some mandatory therapy and I'm praying he'll get on's an awful disorder and I get so frustrated when he's manic that I tend to fight with him, which I'm sure makes it worse...

Hi Karen, meds is the only solution in my opinion. My partner and a friend of mine and are both on meds and they live normal lives. The meds keeps them balanced all has been fine.

My husband and I have a friend and business connection ( she is our travel agent) we have known her for 18 years. We have experienced a few other major crisis' with her but this latest is the most difficult. It started 3 weeks ago....she booked a World Cruise on her CC without telling her husband- his name is not on the card...she wants to leave in 3 days....She is excited because it will all be FREE ( even though she put $100,000 on her card) and she keeps telling us that she will also be flown everywhere first class for free because that is how important she is. She also booked herself on a cruise of one of her customers so she can join them ( not the clients idea!) Now they want to cancel their trip. She went and bought 2 birds yesterday so she could hear chirping, bought tons of food ( meat etc) and left it in the car- she plans on giving it to charity. She has been put on a leave from her beloved golf club for her erratic and rude behavior ( a lot of 'F" word bombs) and kept showing up and acting her membership has been revoked. She is leaving voice mails all over regarding how "very, very, very rich she is". She told me John Mellencamp gave her guitar lessons yesterday and that her guitar was owned by members of the Who....She went to buy strings for it and came out with a Ukelele and other instruments. I could go on and on. Her psychiatrist has been away...her husband wants her involuntarily committed to get her back on her meds. She sees nothing wrong with her behavior and refuses any help from her husband or friends...When she is on meds she functions well and has a happy productive life. She has called the Police 3 times on her husband in the past 3 weeks- he was found sound asleep and clueless as to what was going on. He is a good guy, they have 2 grown kids that are really losing patience with this terrible disease. We really feel sympathetic to those who have this illness and understand that "being patient" sounds good and we all try but it is getting too much for us emotionally. Help!

I have a friend who goes through the same - jumping from one subject to the next and expressing delusions of grandoise. My friend has had 3 serious episodes and has been hospitalised to get a diagnosis and medication right, but the last two times, she has been sedated by the drugs and is not her normal self. She did not take these drugs and then found herself back in the clinic for a month. Taking the medication is the only way to keep on a level. Finding the right level of drugs is also difficult - certainly for my friend and I feel for her, but she is so similar to what you have described your friend to be. I think it takes a while to be able to pacify someone and manipulate their way of thinking -whether it be stalling a purchase or action by getting them to think about another way of using the money or teasing them out of an idea etc., rather than a confrontation - it takes practice and perseverance. Good Luck to you all. x

Hi, medication is the only solution in my opinion. My partner and a friend of mine are both on meds and they live normal lives.

Hi, so my girlfriend who I love is bi-polar she going through a manic phase right now as I type this. What can I do? We live three hours away from each other right now, and I can't make a trip to see her everyday. She has already started saying hurtful things. I'm looking for some type of advice to try and help her even though she doesn't want the help. She says this all a game to her, I know she still loves me and I not going to leave her side. But I haven't a clue what to do?

Reading all these comments is a bit like my sister mania.she has always been eccentric but the last 10 years her bi polar has been off the charts.she has caused absolute mayhem and split our whole family mother passed away nearly 2 years ago and since then she's getting worse. She has spent 60000 on pretty much nothing.she says horrible untrue things about people and yes we know it's an illness but it still hurts.I have forgiven her on at least 1p occasions each time she is more like a stranger.she Take a her meds but only when she's depressed as soon as the mania kicks in she starts drinking.feels like it's never going to end ..

This sounds exactly like my daughter. She is currently going through an episode where she lost her good paying job, car, and refuses to come home. She self medicates with marijuana and I'm the target of her rage. I'm extremely hurt by her behavior and I'm at my wit ends. God bless those loving someone with this disease.

Ive recently met my partner, he told me he has bipolar when we started dating. Things where great at first, went out all the time and we where inseparable. He was very energetic and lively. Then it all started when he got drunk, he would get short tampered and verbally abusive. I thought it was just the alcohol talking. Things got worse when i found out about his past relationships and started asking questions. He would get aggravated and walk out on me. Go on a drinking frenzy and come back in the morning act like nothing happened. I then found out that he has lost his job and he is blowing away all his savings. Things are financially bad for him now and he is falling in to a depression mode. Lately he sleeps all day, won't eat, won't talk and won't take medication. I'm trying to read and understand all i can about this bipolar so i can help him and be supportive. A lot of people have abounded him and i dont want to be one of those. Its so hard at times trying to reach out to him and he just shuts you out. I dont know what to do

People with bipolar disorder get abandoned in relationships, and carry each abandonment into the next one. I've been with my partner for almost three years now, and he has bipolar 1 with generalized anxiety and panic episodes, too. In our worst moments, he is terrified I will give up on him and leave him, even if it's clear by now I will never leave him because he's bipolar. The difference between you and me is that my partner works hard all the time to be the best person he can be, takes his meds, goes to therapy alone and with me, practices D- and CBT, etc. He *earns* me staying with him, we agree to work *together* to build a relationship.

What you're describing, however, sounds much more like someone that is currently trapped by his disorder and unmotivated (for whatever reason; I'm not saying this is a deliberate choice) to pursue a healthier lifestyle. You aren't abandoning him if you need to leave in order to live your best life. If he's being abusive, taking advantage of you, living recklessly and not trying to get better, you are not abandoning him. It's only abandonment if he's trying hard to be his best self as a bipolar person, and you give up because he's moody sometimes or you wish he could go outside more or be more normal. Prioritizing your own well being is not abandoning him.

Best of luck <3

My boyfriend has really bad manic episodes he starts cussing and if he gets angry enough he will break something. I love him to death I know he doesn’t mean to he can’t control it. Idk what to do

When your partner says: I am moving out to live separately and you can keep the kids? While they bop around the country from one retreat to do you not take it personally? How do you plan or live your life? 3 kids under 5 and a manic mother wants to abandon them...I am not sure a hug works here. Any advice? How and when do you get to have this planning conversation with a manic? Exhausted and exhausting.

My 20 year old daughter was recently diagnosed bipolar 1 and is currently hospitalized for the second time in 2months. After her first discharge she was taking her meds but was not sleeping properly and refused to take sleeping pills. She was imagining things that were not actually happening and progressively became psychotic. She calls me from the hospital and blames me and thinks I made her take the wrong medication. She is blaming me because she won’t be able to return to college this semester when in reality she wasn’t going to class and I was contacted by the school that they were concerned.
She has only had a total of ten hours sleep in the past seven days and is afraid to sleep.
Is it better if I tell her what she was doing or do I just listen. I am afraid to say anything other than I love you because she misinterprets what I say and takes things literally. Looking for advise- please.

Hi my husband is manic i dont know what to do im am very tired of his bull i know hes sick but if he cant get help his self i cant do it for him he even saying bad things to his dad and my family and to me i called crices nothing they can do cause hes not hurting his self or anyone but he is hurting every one around with his mouth and take my phone and car all day so i have no contact with family and friends

I read many comments saying "meds work" but what are those medications and where can I find a psychiatrist to help please?! My brother has been suffering for 19 years

My son has been hospitalized 4 times in the past few years. He has been horribly depressed and has been on 20 different medications. None of them worked. He recently stopped what he was taking and is no longer depressed, but is manic and angry. I don’t know what to do. He will not see his psychiatrist. He says nothing is wrong. Will the mania go on endlessly, or will the depression hit? Thank you for your thoughts

I'm at a lost for words right now. I have literally watched my fiancee go from this supportive loving empathetic man that I agreed to marry to a over hyper aggressive and scary individual in 3 weeks. It has gotten to the point that a 302 petition had to be filed. I love this man so much and I just want to support him and help him get healthy. Now he is talking about braking up and not getting married. I know that it's not him that is saying theses things but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm just reaching out for love and support. I won't give up on him because God does not make mistakes. But right now my heart is braking.

I'm currently going through this with my daughter. I'm exhausted and don't know what to do.

If I was to mention all that we as a family have been through I may as well write a book. Just an example, putting her life and others in danger, listening to static on her stereo leaving every light on in the house, rearranging furniture in a bizarre fashion, moving dining room set into garage, taking al the crystal and statuettes and setting them up in the front yard,being banned from practically every local business, arrested numerous times and put on the 72 hour hold where she is given meds and when she calls she is a different person. This has been going on for awhile with normal behavior included. She says the meds make her feel lazy and sleepy and says she would rather smoke pot to help her. She just started having some start of an episode symptoms...started crying when she heard an amy winehouse song, the Mexicans infested the U.S. with bedbugs, and how she can feel and sense the evil in people by seeing the hate in their eyes thanks to the anointing of Christ. She is in her late 40's and her bedroom looks like a 13 year olds. One of her daughters friends said she has peter pan syndrome. She can't hold down a job won't even bother looking for one. Comes up with all kinds of excuses. She does get assistance. She does not want to take her meds bottom line.

This article means a lot to me. Thank you so much. My girlfriend is bipolar and she remembered to take her medication after I read this and got the idea to remind her

Help please.
My family is going on a holiday soon. My Brother was supposed to follow but he has a trigger and is on his manic phase. We are worried about the depression that could follow and the effect it will have on him. Should we still go for the trip? He keeps saying he wants space. Should we give him in the space? Or stay back?
The only other option is keeping in contact with a cousin that he is close to.

Dealing with a friend's manic phase for about the 4th time in 20 years...he is manic for about three months then hypomanic for very periods of time, it seems like several years. He only enters my life when manic. I have found that this time, I am now 60, I have a much harder time being supportive. He pushes buttons and I snap. He quit his job, has been hospitalized, spent thousands of dollars. I try to help by hiring for repair jobs, he can do anything, but he is off meds & self medicating with alcohol and pot. His language is abusive, demeaning and foul. And he is very aware of his cycle and his behavior. I just don't have the energy / patience this time around. He squanders time, doesn't finish the job, leaves drugs on my property, is obnoxious, etc. I have let him store stuff in my garage. But truth is I am near the end of my rope. Still, I feel guilty for wanting to turn my back...I just can't handle the drama...thanks in advance for any straties you can offer.

About three weeks ago, my fiance and best friend of seven years, had her first manic episode, jumped on tinder and cheated on me out of the clear blue. Hope that got your attention. Since then, she has been hooking up with random men, doing reckless forms of sexual activities (i.e. threesomes, filming, etc.), apathetic towards others and our pets, and in general, irresponsible. I had been with her since she was 18 years old and there was no sign of this behavior.

Going back, last December, she suffered her first bout of major depression and suicidal thoughts following a year in which she had major stomach complications (H. Pylori and Ovarian Cyst) for at least 3 months out of the year, which I was by her side throughout. Also, for the two weeks prior to her Manic episode, she had another bout with stomach issues and was constantly vomiting.

Due to her actions, our relationship crumbled and at this state, in every possible way, she is a stranger . I honestly am not sure whether this may be a full blown episode of Bipolar related Mania or whether this could be a complication from missing to weeks of her anti-depressant (lexapro) .

To further complicate the issue, she had yet another stomach complication issue over the weekend, which I yet again cared for her through. While she was sick and throwing up, possibly out of desperation, she reverted back to a depressive/ anxious state, begging me not to leave and repeatedly apologizing (when prior to this she showed no remorse).

With this said, I am a 26 year old dude looking for some answers and advice how to go about this situation. We will at least be living together within the next month and during this time would like to do whats necessary to leave this behind with a clear conscience.


We have a 29 year at home and I am worried that if we try to take his phone or card he will get violent with us, what do I do......

My husband is bipolar and in denial about his behavior's. I love the man but not the disease.i grew up with a bipolar mother and it was a struggle, but when you have a physically intimate relationship with someone things are different. He was diagnosed in the army, but like I said refuses to take meds or follow up with a doctor. Any suggestions.
Thank you

I have been struggling with my 30 year old son for 6 years. He goes thru manic episodes, does not understand he needs help, gets violent and rages to the point we can’t have him in the house. He is also a type one diabetic and does not take care of himself during these episodes. He has had to be involuntary commited several times. He refuses to stay on meds due to the side effects. He is mandated by court to see a mental health professional once a month who lets him get off his meds. He has gone to jail due to things he has done while manic. Anyone have any suggestions on how to help him. I am emotionaly exhausted trying to keep him safe

II have a bipolar 24 yr old daughter who stopped her meds because she read a book written by a pharmacist who claimed that she was depressed and was given medications. Then she discovered that she Hashimoto’s disease which caused the depression. Furthermore, her meds contributed to the destruction of her thyroid gland. Because of this reading, she stopped all her meds and she even got mad at her psychiatrist for “scamming” her. Now she is having a manic episode but she refuses to take her meds and she screams at me when I mention her meds. How can we convince her to take her meds?

Miriam- I am in the same situation. Did you get her to take her medication? If so, what worked for you?

My sister is taking the medication but still not getting the episodes??????

My son is just out of in patient treatment. He has 3 special needs children under the age of 6. He is really manic today. He has been threatening and argumentative. He had, in the past, broken things and punched holes in the walls. My daughter in law had to go to Urgent care and had to leave the children. I’m concerned about him being responsible for them, alone.

Hi m jasmine m 19 years old. My dad is a patient of bipolar mania. He gets angry when i ask him to take medicines. He doesn't know that he has some disorder. I really feel awful when he gets angry on me and my mother. Because we both love him and we are supporting him . He's quite busy person. He doesn't have time for himself so we have to take care of him. And i will take care till my last breath. I don't know whether m supporting him or making troubles for him but anyway I have started dissolving the medicines in the milk which i gave two times . He is not in the condition to listen to understand things to get diagnosed. He don't like it. I allowed him to do all his work. I react very normal with him no kindness bcus the more you'll be kind the more they'll feel wrong. Don't treat them like they did something wrong or they behave insane.

After being in a 3yr relationship with my boyfriend, things are taking a toll on our relationship. He's becoming a little violent & lashes out if im pissed off or confront him with the truth about the things he hasn't done. He says I'm to blame for him lashing out & I'm making him ill. I don't know how to fix things because I'm only human too & feel emotions but I have to hide how i'm feeling so it doesn't affect him. Please help with what I can do...

I have a brother diagnosed with a late onset of bipolar disorder at age 27. He is usually in a depressive state, barely getting out of bed. Yesterday we came up with a business plan that he got pretty excited about. Last night he didn’t get much sleep and woke up in a great mood and very talkative. I’m THRILLED to see him happy and motivated but I am scared out of my mind that this is an early onset of a manic episode (he gets really bad ones that require hospitalization). How can I tell if my big brother is just happy or on the verge of mania? How can I approach my brother sensitively? I mentioned this morning that he needs to be getting sleep and he brushed it off.


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