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bipolar disorder

Eight Strategies for Coping as an Individual and Family


Dr. Miklowitz is Professor of Psychiatry in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institute, and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University. He completed his undergraduate work at Brandeis University and his doctoral (1979-1985) and postdoctoral (1985-1988) work at UCLA. His research focuses on family environmental factors and family psychoeducational treatments for adult-onset and childhood-onset bipolar disorder.

Spirituality and Mental Health


Rev. Dr. Beth A. Cooper is a United Methodist elder. For over twenty years she has served local churches and campus ministries. She is a graduate of Duquesne University with a Master of Sacred Music and Master of Divinity degree from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. She received her Doctorate degree in Ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary. She also received a graduate certificate in Women Studies from San Diego State University. Rev. Dr. Beth A. Cooper is currently the Executive Director at The Wesley Foundation.

Family Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

This lecture, titled: "Family Treatments For Bipolar Disorder," will address how family treatments have the greatest research support of any psychological treatment for bipolar disorder. Our guest speaker will briefly review research and discuss specific family treatments that have been shown to be helpful for adolescents and adults with bipolar disorder.  

Bipolar Disorder and Weight Gain

I hear about this so much, people hate the weight gain side effects of medication. I will be honest with you, I hate it too. However, I have learned the hard way. The most impulsive and manic thing I have ever done is get liposuction after gaining 36lbs from medication. I charged it on three credit cards. My medications caused increased appetite and not only that I am an emotional eater. Usually, after gorging my meals and heavy snacks, I just end up with eater’s guilt.

A Novel Approach to Treating Bipolar Disorder

Himasiri De Silva, M.D.

Dr. De Silva was recognized as “Psychiatrist of Excellence” by Orange County Medical Association and received the Warren Williams Award by American Psychiatric Association/ California Psychiatric Association  for contributions to care of bipolar patients. Dr. Silva is currently the Chairperson of Behavioral Health Quality Enhancement at St. Joseph Hospital.

Vinayak Shanbhag, M.D.

Runaway Mind

Maggie Reese was a national ranked tract star on a full ride scholarship to University of Idaho when her leg broke while winning a race ending her Olympic dream.  Without her running career to keep her together, mental illness crept in and took over.