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Hi guys! My name is Christi. I’m 30-years old with a fiance, 2 dogs, and Bipolar II. My journey began in high school. I was a very depressed perfectionist and had trouble keeping friends. That led into eating disorders (both anorexia and bulimia) treated sporadically by various campus doctors, until 2004, when me and my eating disordered butt landed into the office of my current psychiatrist. We worked through the eating disorders and depression, until 2006 when I checked into the hospital and was diagnosed Bipolar II. I was released into a full-time outpatient therapy program, which I completed in March 2007. There I learned a great deal, not just about myself and my own illness, but about relating to others and healthy relationships. I am currently working full-time as a paralegal and I am an author on the website for Ask A Bipolar.


Well, a lot has changed since this bio was written! I am currently not working as a paralegal anymore, but, I am not just an author, but am the President and run the website Ask A Bipolar. I also run the blog (which many more are familiar with) Musings of the Bipolar Hot Mess. In 2013, I was nominated by Chato Stewart from Psych Central as a Mental Health Hero 2013. I am now divorced and living back at home and recovering from back surgery. I have one dog now and will be 34 on Oct 1, 2014. I can't believe it was 4 years ago that I started blogging for IBPF. That was when I started my blogging and mental health advocacy work. It seems like yesterday. Well, I WILL be producing a blog post for everyone very soon!!! Just healing from the surgery and getting my thoughts together! :) Gosh, does time fly!

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