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 And sometimes it’s me!  Anyone who is around me when I’m in a mania knows that I’m loud, speak rapidly and make sure that everyone knows that I’m the expert on any subject that comes up.   My wife thinks that the resemblance is remarkable….                                                                    

This type of painting is my way of telling those close to me that I know how I can be and am sorry.

I hope that you got a smile from this and know at least one person that this reminds you of.

Please give me any comments or ideas for new paintings for my blog.  You can either leave them on the blog or email me at

Thanks for looking.




Great painting! It really sums up mania in just one glance. Plus I love the touch of humor you artfully weave into your work here. Humor is very much needed in our world, no matter what illnesses we live with. As my friend Sara & I say, "having bipolar is a full-time job" and this job needs to have SOME levity thrown into the mix! Thank you for your insights - I look forward to more of your words & art.

Hi Dyane; Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this.

When I looked at your painting I thought of myself....when I'm in my "angry" mood for no apparent reason, myself when I'm frustrated at nothing at all yet everything in front of me. Taking another look, my mom comes to mind. It must be what my poor mom does behind closed doors... My poor mom

Thanks so much for your comment. I needed a good laugh today.


Glad I could make you laugh.... My mom laughed when she read it also :)

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