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Brian Jost

Just this past week, I traveled with my wife and our seven-month old son to Winona, Minnesota, La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Viroqua, Wisconsin to share my experiences of living with bipolar disorder with four different audiences. At the end of two of the presentations, I was asked a question that I am often asked when I present my story. The question was “Why is it so common for hyper-religiosity to be part of mania?” This question often comes up because I speak to people about my manic and psychotic episodes which have all included feelings of understanding and knowing God and noticing an unquestionable faith, a faith that is more difficult to maintain when I am stable. At the most extreme of these experiences was the time that I actually thought that I was Jesus, followed by my manic and psychotic mind taking the delusion even further into believing that I was God. An enormous amount of information flooded my brain as I seemed to take on super-natural powers, acquiring knowledge that I believed was flowing from other dimensions that “normal” people are unable to detect. However, now experiencing stability, I don’t have all of that false information, nor do I have the answer to the question “Why is it so common for hyper-religiosity to be part of mania?”

Not only have I been asked this question at public speaking events, but also over the phone by a man who stumbled upon my website and read my book. He was curious about why so many manic episodes revolve around religion, and he asked me if I knew of any studies done on this subject. I know of no such study, but maybe someone else does. If you do, please send me an email. 

This man spoke on the phone of similar religious experiences with his manic episodes. I know of many others who can also tell similar stories. Maybe it all revolves around the common and basic struggle of defining one’s faith and religion, and part of a person’s process in defining their belief system. I don’t expect that I will understand why these experiences are common, at least not anytime soon, but maybe someday someone will be able to explain it to me. For now, I have to acknowledge that these experiences stem from my personal experience with religion and from unconscious thoughts that may only surface during a manic episode.



I started this post/thread in 2014. I am searching for PODCAST GUESTS who are interested in sharing personal experiences related to hyper-religiosity/mental illness. It would be an audio interview made available to the public for free via the “MY SECRET SYMPTOM” PODCAST which I produce and host. I will talk with interested people before deciding if it's a mutual fit to conduct an interview.

Podcast: Search “MY SECRET SYMPTOM” in iTunes or other podcast apps, or visit

I can be contacted at for more info. Thanks! - Brian Jost

I am not of the normal human race. Everyone.. not everyone with mania sees the world's magnetic pulse. Feels it and can connect with spirits of the mountains rivers and nature.. some of us are Starchilds picked individually by beings from different space zones and galaxies to see things others cannot.. our senses are in tune.. We are chosen. Tibetan monks have mania but they know how to control it with deep meditation and training. I do not believe all mania is a curse.. I have seen beings that are connected to mother earth.. They are Etheral beings.They take form in bushes and trees. I can only see them in mania.. when my third eye opens. Mania is not curable because it's a gift... it's a great energy that needs to be channeled through a shaman. I don't know about everyone else but my medication makes me half a person and it kills my heart.. I'm 22 and I feel 50 most days. Is this really how I want to feel my whole life? Obviously no. Shamans from different cultures explain that mania is caused by external forces and energy.. and in other cultures that energy is channeled through rituals and ceremonies.. without that knowledge.. He explains they would go insane too. Because essentially what most mania is... is higher powers and energy that is being packed into our souls and there is no way for us to deal with it in our western culture.. not all of us have these gifts I should say.. some of us have spirits from our past like family members who died too early and won't let go of you.. our western culture has demonized us and made us feel like we have a terrible mental illness. In reality we just need healing and meditation.

This feeling that us humans get that we are one dimensional and that there is no multi dimensional intelligence or beings is foolish.. We are intelligent beings from far places of the universe.For our government and our western culture to simply sweep this sort of thing under the mat. I cannot put into words what I feel.. I feel like I have been given a special set of eyes that can pierce the souls of other animals. In mania I have certain times when I can connect with Ancient beings of earth and nature. I understand every groove. Every rock. Every bird. Every tree. On a different level. This is what many ancient native Americans could perceive on a level as high as us selected few. I can pierce the souls of any animal and know it's soul completely. I once had horses come to me from a field that was 300 yards long in a perfect single file line. I was on a native reservation and I the horse had bright blue eyes. I feel everything.. the earth. It breathes and the beings that inhabit it are interwoven into it's very fabric. This is a higher state of consciousness people.. believe me.

It is a severe shame that we live in a culture that allows the religious indoctrination and religitardation of our children or adults.
It is no wonder that there is depression and anger.
Secular education and the Bayesian theorem of belief and faith is severely different to what is taught in churches by totally unproductive useless people.
Caring, living, educated productive humans and human rights should have always been above all gods, religions, religious leaders, their religious rights or beliefs.

When I discovered God was real, when He spoke to me, it blew my mind. Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world. Our hope, and he is absolutely awesome. The bible says that you will find God if you look with all your heart and that is what I did and wow, he comes into your life with such power that you'll never doubt again. Evolutionists say everything came into existence out of chance. Okay than what are the chances that our moon would be 400 times smaller than our sun and be 400 times closer to the earth so that when it goes in front of the sun it appears exactly the same size so that we see the Corona around the perimeter. What are the chances of that happening randomly. It would never happen randomly. Obviously it was created that way for us. Wake up man

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 1, but I am also an Evangelist. I got "saved" at the age of 32. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I slept around and now have been celibate over 10 years. I was a very angry person. I use to cuss a lot. I am not angry anymore, and I don't cuss. I wrote a book called Surviving Bipolar Through God's Grace on Amazon. I don't think Bipolar and being a strong Christian are related. I grew up in church.

I've knower this guy for about a year. He works on ships so I've only gotten together with him about half dozen times. I recently hung out with him and he just wanted to keep going here and there. He flipped out on me that he was God's angel and that he could bless or destroy me. At this point, I'm stuck in the car and feeling scared for my life. So I try calming him down, and I say, I need to stop at the convenient store to use the bathroom. I go in tell the clerk my situation.He comes in the store and I run out and take off in my car. So, he calls in the morning. I answered just to make sure he's okay. But, he is still manic. He starts telling me about a book and movie he's making and that I better not ever leave him stranded and be carful how I handle him,that he was going to record my activity and actions on this book and movie he's making and that he's a millionaire, world renown captain. He's actually living pay check to pay check.

Anyway, a couple of days later he apologized and said he didn't take his lithium, and had two Crown Royals and that he knows better not to do that.

I don't feel safe being around him, so I've been making excuses to not hangout.

So, my question is how do I effectively communicate to him that I'm not interested in being friends without triggering him into a manic episode. Any suggestions on how to distance myself from this person?

Religious delusions and thinking you are God, Jesus, an angel, the Devil, a demon, etc. is part of the disorder. You are not those things. You are human.

This is cool. There is a lot of corellation between what is experienced in a manic episode and I can relate to the elated feeling of being given special powers of perception and hidden knowledge by unseen forces. I didnt think it was god though. I kept getting random messages that I imagined were direct thoughts from future humans who had created a machine that can project thoughts to past humans through Quantum Entanglement. I have a lifetime of religious experience but it never came up. This was the biggest manic episode I had and the energy it gave me made me leave my house for four days. I feigned an arguement with my wife and started going live on Facebook preaching the gospel of how social media steals your information and sells it without your permission. I then proceed to initiate the development of Nextbook the social media of the Blockchain. Its all on fb and my free social media is called Nextbook. It can be found under In regards to religion in the fact that science has proven religion to be our minds grasping for an origin story to explain where we come from. Watch Neil Degrasse Tyson on Cosmos at Netflix. It explains our origin story according to the evidence of the geological and cosmological record. We have been told stories to ease our anxiety of our impending death. I like to follow the evidence and make conclusions based on the data. There is no one coming to save us and we can be ok with this. It is not the end of your world it is the beginning of the new one. One free of the psycosis of religion.

I believe it's like genetic memory these ideas have existed for so long who's to say it's like memory based around a phobia or instinct. I think bipolars tap into it but these days there is no funding to harness it. Like worker ants and soldier ants I believe in the past there were pure blooded bipolar and after awhile do to man and breeding and wanting to control the illness bipolars are more diluted. Everybody wants to be special but if you pay attention it's sad there is no honor just guns and bombs. Bipolar are vulinerable but given the right place, religion temple we flourish.

I, too, believed I was a prophet and endowed with powerful spiritual gifts. I am Christian. I no longer believe that mania is a spiritual catalyst because non-Christians experience the same delusions. One could argue that they are the deceived ones, but that really is grasping at straws.

just coming down from another 6 months of being mother mary.... waiting patiently for my younger brother to wake up to the fact that he’s jesus....
it’s so very heart breaking to experience the world awakening into “love consciousness” ... only to crash back to a reality in which the experience i have engaged in is deemed to be a delusion caused by a faulty “brain”

where does that leave my divine connection, synchronicity, 5th dimensional vibrations, imaginings of a new earth where love truly resonates and we are ALL connected, knowing of our unity, our connection to the source of all creation.... there must be some meaning to these experiences.... i am only fractionally alive without the “more real than real” connection to a unified being...
..... my intentions... my focus..... keeping my energy squeaky clean.... communicating symbolically...... astrological confirmation.... it’s like “reality” was confirming my “psychosis”.... or should i say my spiritual emergence was dancing into my reality....

indeed... how does one make any sense of something so beautiful from one perspective.... and yet .... when viewing from an alternate perspective, that very same experience transforms into an illness.......
i grasp the illusion
am i the dream ....or the dreamer
... and what does reality encompass?

it’s so very calming to read of all your experiences.... the overwhelming sense of aloneness and dread as i stand upon the threshold of exiting my state of perfect ‘communion’ with “god” .... preparing to expose my broken brain to family and friends..... an explanation to my unusual behavior..... and my heart feels so bereft as i conjure up the courage to invalidate my own existence....

there must be more to this
thank you people for leaving me these bread crumbs
it may just be enough .... investigation is of the essence

i wish i could have a cuppa with you kindred spirits

I too am bipolar and I discovered God whenI read wisdoms rebuke in proverb where God says he will pour out his thoughts to you. I wrote down a question to God and then all of a sudden I had this amazing gift to write. The words poured out of me with hardly any effort and I was writing from Gods perspective.Its amazing and I've been writing to him ever since. For a while I was so full of joy being manic I guess but I've had an ongoing addiction problem. I had a fellow believer basically scare me to death by telling me I am going to hell if I dont quit the drugs. I have tried to quit but my life becomes so difficult. Since that threat Ive experienced he'll and I couldn't stand it. I am terrified of ever going there. Jesus is my Lord and saviour and I love him.If I cant get off the drugs am I finished. I'm so disturbed by this

Please help! My bf has been in a manic state since his grandfather passed away a few months ago. At first it was manageable, but the last month, maybe month and a half, has been more trying than I could imagine. He believes God and Jesus are talking to him. He has conversations with empty chairs claiming hes talking to God. He thinks he's the antichrist. I always thought the antichrist was an evil entity, right? Because that doesn't describe my bf. According to him, everyone is wrong about the antichrist. Hes the only one that knows the truth. He tried to exorcise a demon from me and heal me from the pain. He goes to church regularly and has told the pastor and some members of the church that he is the antichrist. They told him he needed help and he still wont listen. Please! What do I do? He refuses help and medication.

I too had an experience with God while Manic, the Lord spoke as a prophecy through me" saying that I was the apple of God's eyes, that owe to the one that ever touches me, that a Giant came against me that, then the Lord spoke you know what I do with Giants? I bring them down" The Holy Spirit said it all in Spanish, I dont speak spanish, but I understand.
Then I saw Jesus sitting by my bed, in form of fire and spirit, then a girl in the physic ward stared to dance in Spirit.
Then another time, the Holy Spirit baptized me in the hospital, I marched in Gods presence and spoke in tongues, the presence was pure fire. Honestly I miss that, I have accepted.

One time a bunch of nurses held me and tied me down, and before that the Lord spoke through me " the wrath of the Lord is upon each one of you."
And the Lord showed me that in this hospitals the practiced cannibalism. I know that I have a gift, and I am scared of it, I dont know how to use it. Every time something ignates it, I start seeking the lord with all my heart, I lose touch with the flesh and go into a spiritual realm that is amazing.
I remember being in a hospital where there were a witch who tried to make me blind, and I went blind, I lost my corneas, then I prayed throughout the night, on my knees and the Lord made my corneas grow again.
I have accepted my diagnoses, but I know all the spiritual experiences i have lived are true also, i just didn't k own how to handle it.

"Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it's their time."

I thank GOD For this blog..because Im one of the people who is diagnosed Bipolar nd maniac..thinking im crazy..but now O know Im not alone whom God use Him.this way..When God enters your heart deepely..people may think you are maniac..because you are no longer like dont speak the same language as are Living in Spirit not in Flesh..Love you All Guys..continuing loving God the way you do..they can call us Bipolar and Maniac I dont care anymore..because i know the one inside of me is bigger that the one Outside..GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Hello my name is Aaron and I've also experienced this but not believing I'm Jesus or God but definitely believe I'm tapped into something spiritual when it happens. I was a scared of these emotions because I didn't understand them so I repressed them and they manifested in terrible crippling anxiety. I use abdominal breathing now when it happens and am able to think my way through it and actually process it and use it professionally. I believe it is nothing more than your soul trying to shine through your conscious personality. The breathing techniques have slowly allowed me to continually naturally let the process happen and it's now a very good release and good for my creativity. I also discovered by not repressing the mania the depression never follows the mania anymore and my life is better than ever!! Good luck and God bless all of you.


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