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Media and Mental Illness

            I recently read a blog post from the Huffington Post by a Ms. Natasha Tracy (1). Her post centered around a claim that portrayals of people with neurodiverse conditions in the media tends to focus on overly polarized characteristics which, she claims, have the effect of attributing a sort of “superpower” to the characters with these conditions. She makes note of several characters from popular television in series which I am not familiar with: “Black Box” and “Perception”.

Muffy Walker Accepts Public Education Award

Muffy Walker (Co-Founder & President, Board of Directors, International Bipolar Foundation) accepts the Public Education award at the 2014 National Council Awards of Excellence celebration.


On April 14th 2011, Catherine Zeta Jones came out to the world that
she suffered from Bipolar II Disorder. Merely a year later, on June
15, 2012, Jones made an appearance on ABC’s The View and Joy Behar
inquired about her experience of Bipolar Disorder. Zeta briefly
responded to the query then moved onto promoting her upcoming film.

Let’s Stop This Charade

I write a lot about Hollywood. Why? Well, I think it's because I love t.v. shows and movies, or maybe because I have friends and relatives living in L.A. and work in the entertainment industry. Or maybe it started because as a baby, I was exposed to movie projectors and movie theaters because my dad was a projectionist (before the days that all of that stuff was automated). I would sit up in the projectioner's booth with him as he worked, and as I got older I would watch classic old movies (and cheesy ones), that were of course in black and white, with him too.