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Personal Story

A candid discussion with writer, attorney, activist and award-winning author.

Melody Moezzi is a writer, attorney, speaker, activist, United Nations Global Expert and an award-winning author. Her latest book is a memoir entitled Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life. Moezzi's writing has appeared in many outlets, including The New York Times, theWashington Post, The Guardian and The Christian Science Monitor among others. She has also appeared on many radio and television programs, including NPR, CNN and the BBC. Her first book, War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims, earned her a Georgia Author of the Year Award.

How Written and Oral Storytelling Saved My Life: Eric Arauz

How does a Desert Storm veteran survive 24 hours in four-point restraints in a maximum-security VA psychiatric hospital to earn a faculty appointment to Northeast Medical School, win numerous national advocacy awards, and to lecture in Ivy League Universities.

From mental illness to mental wellness A story of hope and recovery

In this webinar, Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND shares her story of personal transformation from early struggles leading to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder to living mentally well. Dr. Bahr provides a unique perspective that is rarely found in this field as both a patient and a provider with experience in both the conventional and natural fields of medicine. Through sharing of her lived experience she provides hope to those recently diagnosed or struggling for recovery that you can live very well with bipolar disorder.

Please welcome our new blogger, Christine!

Christine resides in Houston, Texas where she was born and raised. She is employed full time as a Senior Human Resource representative and has worked at the same company for 13 years. She was an accountant for most of her career, but decided she needed a change of pace. Switching to Human Resources allows her to work with people, which is what she loves most about her job. She is fortunate to have an employer who is fully aware of her bipolar diagnosis and works with her during the challenging times of recovery.

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

A native Boston, born 60 years ago, Deva Lipson is a bipolar survivor who has become a missionary against the twisted existence the disease can cause. She goes wherever in the county to talk to service clubs, schools, anyone with ears to loan about the disease that for years pinned her life like a beetle - how to understand it and how to survive it. She especially wants to help remove the stigma. Her teaching syllabus is her own life. 

SAMHSA Award Recipient

Join us and watch our Consumer Advisory Board member John Kevin Hines talk about his suicide attempt and his efforts now to educate the public. Mr. Hines was the 2009 SAMHSA Spotlight Voice Awards recipient.