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10 Tips for Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

This advice can help you better communicate with your doctor(s) to get the most out of your appointment. 

1. Don’t miss appointments! 

Typically, a psychiatrist is usually booked up to three months in advance and primary care physicians are booked up to at least one month. Make sure you don’t miss your appointment! 

Walking the Bipolar Tightrope Without My Pole

A few months ago my mood tipped the scales into hypomania, dangerously verging on mania. This is an issue for me because once hypomanic I very quickly become chaotically manic. Fortunately I wasn’t bad enough to lose all insight and didn’t stop taking my medication which most definitely would have ended in psychosis and hospitalisation. It happened suddenly – literally overnight. I woke up from a short sleep with my head in the clouds flying high and was doing all the typical things I do when I’m elevated.  

How to Find a Good Therapist


You’ve made a big step by deciding to get help. Now you have to find that help. Finding a good therapist can be daunting for anyone, especially if you aren’t feeling well. These tips will help you find a therapist and find out if they are a good match for you.

Freaked to Meet with my PDOC

I never knew what "pdoc" meant until I was diagnosed with bipolar one disorder, and learned that it's a shorthand term used for psychiatrists by those in the bipolar community.

A Conversation with Dr Black-Boot’s

“I shall be with you in a moment Henrietta”. Dr Black-Boot’s walks past, forced smile; giving others around her the impression, she is hurrying. I am not convinced.

She enters a room to the right hand side of the waiting area, the small, claustrophobic duty room. I can hear murmurs of conversation, the rustling of paperwork, movement.

I wait, listening to the ‘toneful’ melancholy of Dylan through my headphones.