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For Teens Only: Helping a Friend with Extreme Moods

“My friend recently wanted to show me some fantastic ideas she had. When she gave me the piece of paper, the words were written horizontally, but then another layer of words was written vertically on top of that. There were lines, circles and arrows going all over the page. At first I just thought it was her brilliance, but now seeing some of the other things she’s been doing, I think something’s seriously wrong.”

For Teens Only: Could I Have Clinical Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

Every annoying adult will tell a teenager that adolescence can be a troubling time. Hormones drive moods and the struggle to find both identity and your place with friends can be a touch and go experience. Observing friends’ moods can help you gauge whether your own fall outside the typical range or not.

When your feelings seem more intense—either when you’re happy or when you’re sad— than those of your friends, it’s worth exploring the signs and contours of a mood disorder.

A Healthier You: Mental Illness, Medication, and Weight loss

I had given up that I would ever be a size 7 again. I was more like a size 16 and 18. I had gained 60lbs as a side of effect of medication. Well, it did increase my appetite and given that I’m an emotional eater, I solely blamed my weight gain problems on medication. I hated my body and felt so fat. I weighed over 209lbs. I learned to accept that I was overweight. Actually according to the body mass index I was considered obese at 5’5. Ten years ago, I stopped taking my medication because I was tired of being fat.