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Why I'm Grateful For Being On the Psych Ward

In the beginning I thought that it would kill me, my personality, and my future. But after a few weeks I’m hugely grateful for this experience. 

I got there because I wanted to attempt suicide. I’ve had a few suicide attempts before but this one was extremely dangerous and real. And so sudden and unexpected. So when my feet touched the ground I just got out of the house and walked to my Mum’s work and told her to call our psychiatrist and then the hospital. After 2 hours I was at the psych ward. And I need to admit that it was one of the best decisions in my life. I have so much to say about those 24 days but today I just want to count out a few things I’m so grateful for. 

I’m very grateful because after seeing so many suffering people I’m determined to heal myself and to do as much as I can to avoid the next big and long episodes as long as possible. My rapid cycling is still a huge problem but now I know that the worst thing I can do to myself is to break the treatment. I did it so many times through last five years when I was diagnosed. Because I was broken, my insurance was off, I haven’t had enough time to go to the appointment, etc.  Now I know how easy is to get to the psych ward and how hard is to leave this place. And especially now when I have all opportunities to treat myself there is no reason to give up on myself.  That’s the last thing I will ever do. From then I’m doing my best. 

I’m very grateful because I’ve met so many awesome people there. Actually I’ve never met so many nice people in my life that in the psych ward. They were all extremely sincere and genuine. Actually where can you be more honest than in the place like this? I’m still in touch with many of them and we still support each other just like we used to do in the hospital. 

I’m very grateful because now I’m greatly grateful for everything. For a nice cup of tea, for a walk with my lovely dog, for a nice chat with my mum, for my favourite song in the radio, for a nice dinner, for a day outside and for every little step I’m taking toward healthy lifestyle. For every day I feel good. That’s all I need right now. And yes I’m grateful for being on the psych ward.


i have so much i want to write. i was in hospital on a psychiatric ward for 5 whole years. When i went "high" i was put on downers and when i was low i was put on uppers. I am now on Depakote mood stabaliser, clozaril, sertraline antidepressant and a small amount of diazepam. I hjavent been in hospital for a year now and very happy. I still have "blips" but thankfully no need for hospital. i was wondering if anyone else has been institutionalised for that long.

This is an interesting and positive way of looking at this experience. One that may help a lot of people and their families when a hospital admission is necessary. To help what can be a very distressing time become acceptable and bearable and seen as a step towards a good recovery and not to be frightened of. I trust treatments can become less institutionalized with more staff to care.

A couple of years ago I was rush to the psych hospital during an episode, I was so reluctant to go it was so far from where i live, but it was the only good hospital my insurance would cover, about 2 hrs. away. Long stories short it was the best decision I every made learning. how to manage my bpd

I went in one day and my doc said oh your going. I'm not going I said. My girlfriend tried to discourage me to go. Sat in ER for two hours contemplating how the stigma would change my life. I went in...

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