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Check Your Meds Day

October 19, 2018

By: Danielle Workman

October 21st is Check Your Meds Day. This is one of those daily holidays that I actually feel is very helpful to anyone on medications at all, not just medications for mental health. Checking your medications throughout your treatment is something I learned very early on in my mental health journey.When I began to treat my mental health and began...

By: Andrienne Kennedy

Before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, I was clueless. I was clueless about mental health and mental illness. My knowledge on the topic was non-existent. The reason why I did not know about mental health or mental illness was well, I never needed to know. Mental illness had never affected me or my loved ones...

Andrienne Kennedy

October 9, 2018
After suffering with what she thought was just depression for over 20 years, Andrienne Kennedy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder back in 2014.  For the 1st couple of years, she was in deep denial of her diagnosis because of the harsh stigma associated with mental illness and mental health disorders. She is...

By: Alexis Zinkerman

I was chatting with another bipolar friend this weekend on the phone and the topic of conversation turned to jealousy. And I started to wonder how many other bipolar people struggle with the green-eyed monster old envy. Is this a feeling that goes hand in hand with bipolar? There’s delusional jealousy and then there’s out and out paranoia. I...

By: Sasha Kildare

Can we turn around the negative media portrayal of bipolar disorder?At times I am discouraged because of the way television dramas and some bestselling memoirs portray bipolar disorder. They tend to show only its negative, extreme aspects. While researching memoirs regarding bipolar disorder, I came across two books that are destined to help...

By Eleora Han, PhD

Sometimes life doesn't turn out as you plan. I learned this the hard way.I was living a secure, comfortable life. Married and about to graduate with my doctoral degree, most of my thoughts were focused on the family we would start together. The baby we would have once I graduated. Then, life happened. And with it, sleep deprivation. And...

Dr. Eleora Han

September 19, 2018
Dr. Eleora Han is a licensed clinical psychologist and writer whose work focuses on depression, bipolar, and stress related disorders. As a doctor, patient, and person living with bipolar disorder, she understands firsthand the pain that it can bring and the critical difference that treatment, support, and hope can make in healing and living well...

By: Ryan Heffernan

Dear Dad,Can you hear me? You don’t have to answer that. I can feel your spirit every day, moving as a battlefield wraith through my wartorn life. Sometimes you’re my blooming, purple Jacaranda tree, sometimes you’re a star constellation gently moving over me on my broken renter deck, and sometimes you’re the condensation on my wine glass.Bad, or...

Dear Younger Me

September 17, 2018

By: Laura Sanscartier 

Dearest Laura,I call you dearest because I know you don't believe it about yourself, but you are dear to so many. Right now, at 19 years of age, you want to cease existing, and you're trying to figure out how. I want to tell you to STOP.  Stop and look around you. Stop and feel the softness of your blanket. Stop and look at the pictures...

By: Natalia Beiser

Writing a book has been one of my bucket list goals. However an autobiography about my life may not be of interest to many readers.   I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder twenty four years ago. I consider myself to be a walking wealth of knowledge on the subject, and am confident that I can contribute in regard to the topic....