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Interview with Mattise Pickett - Mental Health Awareness Patch Recipient

Mattise Pickett is one Girl Scout who recently earned our Mental Health Awareness Patch. She was presented the patch by Representative Kenneth Walker of the Mississippi House of Representatives and Mississippi Family As Allies Executive Director, Dr. Joy Hogge.

We asked her some questions about her experience earning the patch. 

How did you learn about our Mental Health Awareness Patch?

I learned about the mental health awareness patch from my mother. She received an email from the director of MS Families As Allies.

What was most striking thing you learned in the process of achieving the patch?

The most striking thing was learning that children and teenagers can have mental illness.

Describe a situation you may have handled differently, given what you've learned.

I would be more understanding and would talk to a child with mental illness.

What changes have you made personally as a result of what you have learned?

I personally discussed the information with my teacher. I will continue to share information about mental illness with others.

Can you tell us an encouraging statement addressing your peers to earn the Mental Health Awareness Patch?

Learn about mental illness because you may need to share the information with a friend for one day.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience earning the Mental Health Awareness Patch?

It was a great experience and it really helped me learn about mental illness.