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The Daisy Retreat Bali Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Mood and Anxiety Disorders











The Daisy Retreat Bali is South East Asia's first CBT and Mindfulness retreat founded in 2012 by Ellie Donnelly BA MSc; former Head of Therapy for the Priory Hospital UK.

The Daisy Retreat Bali utilizes clinically tested methods of treatment but in a non-clinical setting. Founded on the principles of positive psychology the primary focus is not mental illness but rather the attainment of sustainable psychological well-being. We encourage full engagement and enjoyment of life, self-acceptance and psychological resilience. Ultimately we promote flourishing, not simply functioning.


The Daisy Retreat program attains on average a 91% improvement in mood and 86% improvement in anxiety. (Based on results from the Beck Depressive Inventory and the Beck Anxiety Inventory from May 2013 to August 2016)

Retreats run from 10 to 28 days. We have a therapist on site 24 hours a day and are open all year round. We also provide intensive day care, were the client can combine a holiday off site with intensive 2.5 hour sessions of CBT daily.

All retreats are individual providing complete privacy and anonymity. We count among our client list members of royalty, actors and award winning musicians.


I am Ellie Donnelly BA, MSc and I am the owner and lead therapist at Daisy Retreat Bali and The Quality Control Manager for Are Global Indonesia Health Care provider. This is my story in a nutshell. I am in my mid-forties and I undertook my clinical training in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy with University College London, at the Middlesex Hospital in 1998. This was a purely clinical course undertaken over two full time years in the Department of Psychiatry, with two of the world’s most eminent psychiatrists and psychologists. Since that then, in addition to my own private practice in Bloomsbury, London; I was Head of Therapy at the Priory Hospital, England; before this I held senior positions at the Capio Nightingale and the Cygnet Hospitals in London.

I have a bipolar disorder, as generations of my family before me. I had my first severe episode at the age of 15. Since then I experienced long periods of extreme sadness, agitation and anxiety peppered with briefer periods of hypo-mania.

I have a lot of memories from my illness that haunt me; things I have got wrong; embarrassing things I have said and done. I have through the years collected a mass of bad memories that pop into my head at will. I also quite regularly acquire new memories for my collection. What I no longer do for the most part, is linger too long in those reoccurring moments. I do not need to. I have spent many hours lost in those memories. I doubt there is something I have missed; except of course the time to have new happier experiences. Mindfulness helps me to not get stuck in moments already passed or not yet lived.

I have many negative "core beliefs" based on my experiences that have caused me pain and resulted in repetitive damaging behaviours. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has given me tried and tested systems to survive my own mind and inclinations; and my survival, at times, required a grave battle.

Deeper healing really began when I withdrew from my inner and outer conflicts and that takes more than logic to occur. Self-acceptance is the key here. Surrender; know yourself, for who you are, not who you want to be.

Know that you are only human. Most importantly know that even if you have a history of illness, be that mad or sad, even if you don't fit in; even if you are foolish or ugly or any of the horrible things you say to yourself; it does not mean you can never be happy and do not deserve to be.

At The Daisy Retreat Bali we practice CBT, Self- Acceptance and Cognitive Based Mindfulness because these are the things that have freed me and countless others. These are the methods that work best in easing the pain, disruption and stigma of mental illness.  

At Daisy Retreat we wish for true acceptance of the past; appreciation of our own natures; peaceful minds and the freedom to thrive.

Phone: 0062 856 3790664