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Kool Living Recovery Center

"Drug and alcohol abuse bring chaos and uncertainty to the lives of the abusers, along with their entire families. The situation is only compounded when an addict also suffers from bipolar disorder, a form of mental illness that is disturbingly common among people with substance abuse issues.The dual presence of chemical dependency and bipolar disorder calls for urgent intervention, before this potent combination runs out of control and leaves the victim helpless to find sobriety or a peaceful existence. Treatment services must be provided for each co-occurring condition, to prevent relapse into substance abuse and to keep bipolar disorder from establishing even deeper roots. The existence of dual disorders can be difficult to detect, since substance abuse symptoms so often overlap with those of mental illness. But the caring professionals at Kool Living Recovery have the training and expertise to distinguish the subtle differences. If your struggle or the struggle of your loved one to overcome addiction is complicated by a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder, we are ready to lend a helping hand. Reach out and take it and we will lift you up out of the abyss."

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