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PyschConsult Inc. is the pioneering psychologocal firm in the Philippines. We are a group of Filipino Psychologists focused on promoting our clients...
United States
Phone: +632-3576427
Fax: Mobile: +63917-8080193
Caters to persons with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, mania, depression, bipolar disorder, attitude and behavioral problems, and other...
Excellent Community Care Center
#42 Ernesto Porto (Kentucky) St. San Fransisco Del Monte
Phone: (2) 514 5229 +63917 511 7582
Fax: +63932 359 0711
Counseling, therapy, and coaching interventions for individuals, couples, and families, seminar-workshops on psychological well-being, and advocacy...
The One Executive Office Building
#5 West Avenue Brgy 7th Floor Unit 9
Nayong Kanluran , Quezon
Phone: +63910 126 9540 | (2) 404 0699
A facility that helps people with chronic mental illness and substance-abuse related disorders.
Academy of Hope, One Algon Place Foundation Inc.
0633 Brgy. Mamatid Cabuyao
Laguna City , Laguna
Phone:  (49) 502 2297 or (2) 584 4301
This organization focuses on promoting knowledge between pyschologists/psychiatrists and the public to further educate them on mental health issues...
Phone: Ankara Tel: 0 (532) 727 81 28
Fax: Izmir Phone: 0 (232) 422 12 24
If you or a loved one is living with bipolar disorder, you are invited to attend the support group for a chance to find hope and gain support.First...
Kempf Bipolar Wellness Center
3700 Washington Avenue
47750 Evansville , Indiana
United States
Phone: 812-485-4934
Delivering The Miracle of Hope and HelpIMAlive is the world's first virtual crisis center. It is the world's first crisis center where 100% of the...
The Danny H. Alberts Foundation seeks to discover more effective treatment tools that will give hope to all who suffer from bipolar disorder. The...
Collaborative Care Connection is a web-based meeting place that allows youth, family and other team members to collaborate and access elements...
United States
The symptoms of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and clinical depression can cause distress and disruption in an person's daily life. These...