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Bell Let's Talk Day

Wouldn’t You Feel Better If You Could Have An Open Conversation About Mental Illness?

If stigma didn’t exist, we would discuss mental illness more openly. I had a recent unpleasant experience on Twitter where someone posted a tweet that essentially said “Bipolar is not an illness. You simply have not trained yourself to control your thoughts and emotions,” and this person was very insistent that mental illnesses do not exist.

Benefits of Having a Label

January 28, 2015 was Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada.  It’s an initiative by a major company to get more people talking about mental health.  The intention is to reduce stigma and raise awareness.  Bell donated five cents towards mental health programs for every social media share, text, tweet, or call made on that day.  It’s growing every year and over $6,000,000 was raised in 2015 from this.  Programs like Bell Let’s Talk Day are helping Canadians to become more accepting of mental illness and also reduce the labeling of persons diagnosed with such.