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Christi Huff


This past year my world was filled with quite a few life altering events. Last January I was put on short-term disability at my job because of my bipolar disorder. While trying to get better, I struggled a lot with the decision of leaving my husband, who was in St. Thomas working. In March, he came back home, I left him, moved into my parent’s house and filed for divorce. As if that wasn’t enough, when my short-term disability ran out in April, I was fired from my job.

Friendship Exhaustion?

Recently, I took a huge nose dive in the roller coaster I like to call, My Illness. I thought I had everything under control, but by “under control” I really meant “hidden under the surface festering and stockpiling for the perfect moment to burst and destroy.” Boy did it destroy. I found myself out of work under the Family Medical Leave Act and facing the end of my marriage. I was stuck in the depression hole and barely coasting along with my only grasp on reality being my friends.

Stormy Waters

How do you deal when you go from being so completely stable and feeling better than you have in years, to hitting rock bottom with your whole world crumbling around you, walking in the door to work and handing them the note from your doctor instructing them to put you on leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) effective immediately? You haven't been like this since you were first diagnosed five years ago and back then, you even had a few hospital stays before you saw any hope and any glimmer of improvement.