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Doreen B.

My Experience With “I’m Here if You Need to Talk”

As a woman with bipolar I disorder I have experienced many major depressive episodes. During those times I’ve not only relied heavily on family, but also on friends and church leaders. As a recipient of the compassionate phrase: “I’m here if you need to talk”, I want to provide some perspective from the talking end to help those who may occasionally find themselves on the listening end. (Be aware that if you find yourself on the listening end too frequently, please appeal to someone else to help lift that load so you do not become the sole means of support).

I Have Bipolar Disorder

My name is Doreen. My psychiatrist says I have bipolar disorder. Some people say I don't have bipolar disorder. Sometimes I believe them.

I have had one full psychotic break, one manic episode with milder psychotic symptoms, and one short-lived manic episode. I've had many serious bouts of depression, and even hypomanic symptoms. Some people still say that I don't have bipolar disorder. Here's why:

Doreen B.

Doreen is a busy wife and mom. She likes doing whatever she’s in the “mood” for. She spends her time taking care of her family, doing hobbies, and being active with church. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and enjoys substitute teaching.