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j. teh

Who can get through to you?

In a recent conversation with a good friend, we talked about a mutual friend who appeared to be showing signs of bipolar disorder but who was quite closed to the possibility of a problem. The conversation meandered to what it was like when I was first diagnosed with bipolar, as this friend had known me since then. I wanted to know how open I was to other people’s input when I was potentially headed for trouble, particularly with mania.

J. Teh

I have been diagnosed with bipolar since early 2008 but in total I have been living with the symptoms for over 10 years. Since my diagnosis, my condition has stabilised with the help of medication and therapy. The learning curve has been and continues to be steep, and the journey is often lonely and frustrating. I blog to share what has helped me in my experience, and I also hope that my musings will help people living with bipolar disorder or other kinds of mental illness.