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Kristian McElroy

Strategies of a Wellness Champion #SayItForward

Fighting for my mental wellness and resilience everyday tells me I’m making my overall well-being a priority; everyday, I’m intentionally choosing life, and becoming a champion of the life I am living -- whatever that looks like at any given moment.

You make it through this because you are me and I was you

Over the last 6 months I have been pondering a lot about coming of age in the mental health system. Many times I thought of how many different stages I went through and how I would have loved to know during each stage in my coming into adulthood and later that everything was going to be okay and I was going to make it through it. With it being a new year, 2013, these thoughts formed this blog post I wanted to share of my present self, writing to my past self.

You make it through this because you are me and I was you

Thoughts from One to Another

Sometimes when I walk the world I wish you knew me.
I also wish I knew me too.
Only memories plague my mind.
But, the memories don’t tell me who I am or whether I ever knew who I was.
It’s just blank.

I am more than I see.
I am stronger than I think.
I am more knowledgeable and wise than I am aware of.