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Parenting with Mental Illness

Fatherhood with Bipolar Disorder

There has been no greater motivation for my recovery than fatherhood. Alone, I could go for long stretches of mood dysregulation. Even married, I was afforded the opportunity to sleep excessively and spend large amounts of time devoted to my self-care. Such privileges were no longer my reality once my oldest son was born in 2012. Suddenly, agitation and unease became glaring deficits in my ability to nurture and care for our baby. 

Creating Options for Family Recovery: Parental Mental Health is a Family Affair with Joanne Nicholson, Ph.D.

Successful community living for a great many individuals living with mental illness involves family life and parenting. In the past, the focus has often been on who will take care of the adult living with mental illness, rather than on the notion that an adult living with mental illness may be, in fact, taking care of others. The goal of this presentation is to bring attention to the needs of parents living with mental illness and their families, and to offer suggestions for creating opportunities for success in parenting and family life.