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Sarah Lindsay

Genie, You're Free

Suicide has been in the media a lot over the last little while due to the very sad passing of Robin Williams. As such a public figure, his death has started a broader conversation about suicide. I do not know his circumstances and so I will not dwell on what lead Mr. Williams to suicide, except to say that clearly a very kind soul has been lost.

A Call for Compassion

It often feels as if my Bipolar Disorder is just one more relationship in my life; a being separate from myself but like a significant other who I speak to everyday. No one can make me mad or push my buttons quite the way my illness can, so she definitely feels like a spouse. However, some days I feel like she is a foreign creature, scowling at me from the corner of the room. I imagine she is a vibrant shade of blue and is threatening in the moment of a crisis, but somehow comical after the fact.

Sarah Lindsay

Sarah Lindsay is a yogi, a blogger and a doggy lover. From Toronto, Canada she lives with her neurotic dog, her older brother and his cat. With an undergraduate degree in History, Sarah loves everything ancient as well as Agatha Christie mysteries. She works as an Office Manager and volunteers for multiple mental health non-profit organizations writing, fundraising and giving lectures. Sarah has Bipolar Disorder II and was diagnosed almost nine years ago.