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All I Have

All I have is a doctor or two, some friends, a bottle of pills, and a big mouth. These all serve as strategies to cope when I’m feeling especially hypomanic or depressed. I’m not the most strategic person in the world, but these few little “mental illness accessories,” as I like to call them, keep me as put together as possible in the ever-changing world that surrounds me. Navigating my bipolar disorder often seems like I’m living in an obstacle course inside of a pitch black haunted house. No map, just my mood swings and me. 

Why Should I Share How I Feel?

I used to think “I hate being depressed, anxious or worried.  Why should I want to share my weakness with others?  It would be like sharing my dirty laundry.” 

Nowadays I think “When I feel depressed, anxious or worried, I know that if I share my feelings on paper or with a trusted friend I can get better sooner.” 

One poet looks at the process from a different perspective: 

If I Had Known

If I had known what trouble you were bearing;