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Holiday Travel – Calm Over Chaos

As the crisp autumn days get colder and shorter, we are reminded that the holidays are not far behind. For many, the holidays include travel plans. Whether it’s travel for a vacation or to visit friends and relatives, we can rest assured that accompanying stress would be part of the package. Regardless of your experience with travel, it is a different thing entirely when you add on a layer of anxiety-laced bipolar disorder. 

Like other stressors in our lives, preparation and having a good game plan can help turn an otherwise stressful holiday trip into a pleasant experience. 

Tips for Traveling Easier When You Have Bipolar Disorder

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Traveling can be difficult for everyone, even more so for those that struggle with mental health conditions. Between packing, leaving your normal schedule, the crowds and hustle at the airport, the time change (when applicable), and the complete routine change, it’s no wonder why traveling can be so stressful.