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Understanding Me

How far can my loved ones understand me when it comes to my disorder?  Sometimes I think they get it, other times…not so much.  When I am manic, for example, no one takes my credit card and tells me to stay in the house and not do “outrageous things” like spending sprees.  However, if I get depressed and have one sliding thought of death, people are quick to take my medications away.  Both things, in my opinion, are equally dangerous, so why be “picky” of one thing over another?

Broken Radio Dial

Being understood is on my top ten list of desires.  I’d imagine it’s pretty high on everyone’s list but for those suffering from an illness which carries so much stigma, being understood can save a life.  I’m talking about being understood by the people that I do life with.  Trying to describe what’s going on, even to people that accept me, is difficult enough as it is. I want to be understood on a level where the stigma melts away, that someone might know me for me and not for my behaviors. 

Mommy Has A Bug In Her Brain

Trying to explain Bipolar Disorder to a three year old and a five year old was one of the hardest things I have ever done. How was I going to put this into words that they could understand? Telling them that I was in the hospital because I was tired was more confusing to them. Everyday they saw me taking my medication, and everyday they asked what it was. I finally decided to sit down with them and try to get them to understand. I was just going to wing this one, I couldn’t come up with anything that I thought was age appropriate.