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Vicki M. Taylor

Mental Illness And The Dementia Link- Part 2

In Part 1 of the 2 part series I wondered whether there was a link between having a Mental Illness and developing Dementia. I was genuinely concerned, as I felt I was experiencing more than the normal “aging” memory issues. Other cognitive issues included inability to focus, think clearly, or make sound decisions.

Vicki M. Taylor

Award winning author/blogger (, Mental Health Advocate, Christian Counseling Coach, and Writing Coach. Vicki M. Taylor has filled her life not only with her writing but expanded it to include mentoring others and supporting them while they recover from, or live through a range of tough personal challenges all while battling Bipolar Disorder 1, PTSD, OCD, GAD, SAD and XYZ!

Including Mindfulness in Your Holiday Celebrations

Every year at this time, I tell myself that “this” year, I am going to relax, avoid overdoing and not get anxious. 

Does it work? Sometimes; sometimes not. 


Because I always have good intentions, then LIFE happens. You know, that “something” we can’t control.  Events we didn’t “plan” for like: Work. Family. Friends. Unexpected Visitors. Physical health crises. Sales. Party Invites. Food. Sales. And more Sales.

Prioritizing Veterans' Mental Health

Veteran support is an important aspect of mental health. Many veterans come back from serving their country and suffer from both physical and mental issues. Some don't understand what is happening to them or don't want to admit what is happening. This means that many veterans don't seek the help that they need. 

It’s that Time of Year

This is the time of year that we become reflective and think about all the reasons why we have become thankful.

I know I do it. I see it all over the Internet on Facebook and Twitter. People posting why they are thankful. The Internet by-ways are practically flooded and clogged with people cramming in a couple of day’s worth of “I’m thankful….” That they think will cover them the rest of the year.


What have they been doing the rest of the year?

Oh, right. They’ve been busy living.

Hey Batter, Batter … Swing!

"No one knows about a swing better than someone who has Bipolar Disorder.

Mood swings are the major part of my life. I’m either on my way up. Up. On my way down. Down. Or I’m “stable” waiting and not knowing if my next swing will be up or down.

I’ve experienced some incredible highs. I’ve gone days without sleep. I’ve written novels and stories in a stream of consciousness that is like spewing forth with no stopgap. No throttle."

Mental Health Month


What a great idea, I thought. I’d write a blog for Mental Health week and especially for Mental Health blogging day, May 16, 2012.

Then, I considered what I’d blog about. There are so many topics out there to learn more about and to give information.

Bipolar Disorder and Dreaming

Everyone dreams right? We all have wishes of what could be or what we’d like or even whom. However, dreaming when we should be sleeping is something different. And for those of us with Bipolar Disorder, dreaming can become a minefield we maneuver in our sleeping hours.

Personally, as someone with Bipolar Disorder, I can remember most of my dreams. I’ve written them down in my journals and have even used them in plots for my fiction books. I have written pages and pages of detail about my past dreams, and can even recall them days, months, or even years later.