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Video Blog: Asking for Help When You're High Functioning

By Megan Malfi


I'm 56 and. Even living a Bipolar- clinic depression, panic anxiety etc my whole life. I've been in school trying to better myself, my issues.... no one while hire me! When I get a job I cannot seem to hold it long, my bipolar seems to sneak out! And I lost my SSDi and now I'm living on nothing! I need help, I need support and I need doctors! All this stress is making me regress any progress I have made!

I have listed some of International Bipolar Foundation’s resources as well as a links for finding a therapist and support groups near you. Check out:


Psychology Today – Psychology Today’s website has a wonderful therapist/psychiatrist/ treatment center database that allows you to search various parameters. For instance the link below leads to a list of therapists based on the criteria of being located near you and treating Bipolar Disorder.  You can play around with the parameters for more options. I suggest calling and interviewing them before booking an appointment to see if it’s a good fit. Some common questions may be: Have you treated Bipolar Disorder patients before? Are you familiar with current medications/ treatments for Bipolar Disorder? Will you work together with my therapist/psychiatrist?


Treatment Centers:


Finding a support group:


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Free General consumer and family support groups: 


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA): DBSA has peer led support groups for individuals, friends and family for Bipolar Disorder:


Online support groups

7 Cups of Tea Online Therapy and Counseling:

Mental Health America Online Support Group and Discussion:   


IBPF Resources:


IBPF Book:

Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder book An overview of all aspects of living with bipolar disorder, including nutrition, medication, travel, and more. Available in PDF (attached), Kindle or hard copy.


IBPF Webinars:

We have over 200 free recorded webinars on various topics surrounding bipolar disorder at   


Examples of some of our webinars:  


Examples of our blogs:  


I hope these are helpful. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.



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