Javeria Pervaiz

Something I Am Proud Of:

I am fighting with bipolar disorder from 2012, when I was first diagnosed. In mania, I used to become so hyper that I feel I have super powers and I can do anything. In such state, I also do many destruction in household things. And recently my last manic attack in 2019 at 25 December, just five days after my marriage. And that pain of injections, drips, I can’t forget in my life. Due to bipolar I faced many hard times, even in my relationship too. In six weeks I had full recovery, now I am living normal life but with only proper medication. Now sometimes I also have sad moments when I miss old days. I am highly creative and very intelligent, in my whole life. Although with every manic attack I have to restart from zero in my life. My family also suffer with me. But every time I try to cope up with my best.

Advice For Newly Diagnosed:

First of all I want to say to other patients, For God Sake, take this illness seriously and don’t forget to take proper medication on time, as I got hyper manic only when I left medicines as I considered over time I am perfectly alright, but then I have to suffer on a serious note as it’s only my mistake. Rest, this mental illness is manageable with proper care, good diet and sleep with proper medicines. And other people concerned with that bipolar disorder should understand and take care of them and consider them normal human beings. Don’t isolate them, keep them happy and let them live happily.

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