My healing journey:

I did things and felt things that I didn’t understand before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In a nutshell, my diagnosis explained the reasons for my excessive spending and mood swings, why I feel like I’m constantly on a roller coaster, and why some days I couldn’t even get out of bed for months.

After being correctly diagnosed and receiving treatment, I had the peace of mind that I was not just “simply irresponsible or poor in decision making.” I was sick, and I needed help and guidance. My recovery began when I accepted my treatment and finally decided to embrace my diagnosis.

I decided to embrace and integrate my vulnerability and strength to launch a fine jewelry boutique. My goal with this business is to encourage people to “embrace their inner sparkle.” I envision our jewelry to symbolize their personality, values, aspirations, and goals. A well-chosen piece of jewelry can be their true form of self-expression. Being confident and proud of who they are as an individual can be as simple as wearing something that they love. It is as if their energy has transformed, and their inner beauty within them sparkles.

Advice for Newly Diagnosed:

Embrace your Inner sparkle

Acceptance is a long-term process in the recovery of mental illness. It is necessary to accept what has become of us as we recover. Learning to live with stigma and disability is essential for recovery. To become more resilient, we must learn not to hate ourselves for our vulnerability. Accepting our illness may even lead us to discover that we are stronger because of what we thought was a weakness. The ability to endure hardship, become strong, and gain wisdom may enhance the ability to love and inspire others. Our road to acceptance will help us recover, and we hope it inspires others like ourselves to do the same.

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