Nev Santana

Something I am Proud Of

After being hospitalized 3yrs in a row, I haven’t been hospitalized all of 2020. I’ve found the correct combination of medication, support, therapy, and overall balance. I’ve also come to an understanding that bipolar isn’t an event that you just get past. Being bipolar is part of my life. It’s something that I live with and although it has its scary moments, it helps to make me who I am. So there’s no need to feel shame from it.


Advice for Newly Diagnosed

Don’t be scared. There are many other bipolar people out there that have found stability, so know that you can and will too. Use your support system. If you’re not comfortable telling many people, that’s fine. But make sure you have people (usually your family and/or close friends) that you can trust and turn to when you’re feeling down. Take things one step at a time. Set solid goals for yourself and try to make progress on those goals each day. If you take a step back one day, then that’s alright. But be kind to yourself and know that anything great takes time. And you’re great.

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