It has been brought to our attention by more than one person that some might find the title of our website offensive and/or contributing to the stigma being labeled “Bipolar”.

As many of you already know, and possibly advocate for, there is a large movement to say “We are Not Bipolar, We HAVE Bipolar.” … “We are not the illness, we have the illness.” and  “The illness does not define us.” Which I agree with all of the above.

However, in my (not necessarily the right) opinion, I think it is what it is. Yes, I have bipolar. But even when referring to my illness or telling people what illness I have, I still say it, “I’m bipolar.” The words just come out like that. But I am. As am I Depressed, Manic, Anxious, OCD … Bipolar just happens to be one of those illnesses where us with bipolar don’t really have an actual “Title”.


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