The Bipolar Babe project was officially launched in May 2009 and one of the many successes of the project has been the creation of the youth classroom presentations, which focus on sharing a personal story of an individual that lives well with bipolar disorder.  Bipolar Babe has also been extremely active in the community and media and we are eager to take these chats free of stigma even further into the world and we need your support!  Andrea Paquette and Natasha Tracy from are your presenters in the classroom and the community. 

The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC is the umbrella organization for the bipolar babe project and is a registered non-profit since January 2010 receiving charitable status in August 2010.  Our society holds great promise for aiding the local, provincial, and national mental health community.  The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC has designed programs providing awareness about mental illness in hopes of eliminating stigma, discrimination and unwarranted fears of this condition with a special focus on youth. 

We pride ourselves in our peer support programs such as our Teens2TwentiesSupport Group, Women’s 25+ peer support and the Westshore all agesco-ed support group. 

Remember, no matter what our challenges, we can all live extraordinary lives.

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