I am a psychiatrist practicing in Sydney, Australia. A few of my bipolar patients have shown me their poetry over the years and some of it has been very impressive. These days, the chances of any individual developing a bipolar disorder at some stage in their lives is 1.6%. There is a close association between bipolar disorder and creativity. 

Having had a long and mutually supportive relationship with Ramsay Health Care (I have been the Medical Superintendent of one of their hospitals for most of the past decade) I approached Chris Rex, Chief Operations Officer, and asked him for some assistance in putting together a website. At that time I had the naïve notion that this would be dead easy: an organisation of the size of Ramsay Health Care would undoubtedly have a computer geek in some dark corner of their IT department who could throw this together in an afternoon. Little did I know how much was involved. 

With the unswerving assistance of Alexandra Tarazi of Ramsay’s IT Department and a large cash injection from Ramsay Health Care, we worked with Julian Bish of Biko Technologies Pty Ltd to assemble the website. For me, the learning curve has been steep!… 

All I can do is express my deepest gratitude to all of the parties involved but, most particularly, to Ramsay Health Care.

Dr Joe Dunn
Sydney, Australia
December 2004

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