BPChildren is an organization founded by Tracy Anglada, a mental health writer, advocate and mother. The main focus of BPChildren is to provide resources to children with bipolar disorder, along with their family, friends and teachers. BPChildren provides these resources primarily through our publishing division and website but also through in-person teacher trainings and lectures. BPChildren is not, and has never been, funded by grants from pharmaceutical companies. BPChildren is not currently organized as a non-profit and does not solicit donations. BPChildren is supported by the sale of books through both the website and the publishing division. The BPChildren website is not a medical site but a resource/support site for families struggling to deal with bipolar disorder. We strive for accuracy when touching on medical matters and refer our readers to reliable sources. The field of bipolar disorder in children is one that has gone through many changes over the past decade. We endeavor to keep up with these changes including revising books and articles to reflect current knowledge. BPChildren collaborates with a variety of support organizations and medical professionals

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