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Behavioral Health Quality of Life Tool


Take our Behavioral Health Quality of Life Questionnaire here to receive health plans to help you manage your physical and mental health.

A good support system can mean the difference between living a possibly comfortable life and suffering alone without help. We who suffer know that support is important, but so many people just don't have access to acceptable support or even a partial support situation. It is such a shame to see people who don't even have familial support, let alone a doctor.I suggest talking to your family if they will listen. Explain (without getting too emotional) that you need their help and support and how...

Girl Scouts Mental Health Awareness Patch

Our Mental Health Awareness Patch teaches scouts about the brain and it's influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The patch is available for free to Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, and other similar scouting organizations. Learn more and download the activity packet here