Would you like to learn more about the brain and its connection to mental health?

Participate in our Mental Health Awareness Patch Program!

Adopted by Girl Scouts of the USA and other organizations around the globe, this program educates about the brain and its influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior, which creates awareness and understanding of mental health. When we empower people with knowledge, we also break down the stigma, which leads to changed perceptions and being better equipped to reach out for help if needed. The support of mental health concerns before damaging impacts to the brain, stability, relationships, and self-worth occur, can be life changing.

“I highly recommend this innovative program. As I’ve said many times, effective advocacy requires both getting informed and getting involved. Through excellent programs like this one, we can show young people how to become better advocates to promote mental health and to combat the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.” David Susman, PhD


Author, Erika Kendrik shares the impact of our Patch Program:

Get started now! Here’s how:

– Use our activity packet provided to complete the required activities.

– Once you have completed each activity required, use the form below to submit your request for patches!

– You will be notified once your form has been received and patches are on their way.

Email jvolo@ibpf.org for any additional questions.

Cookie Monsters

An optional exercise that the girls will love is reading Cookie Monsters, by Erika Kendrick! Cookie Monsters is a fun, fast-paced novel about friendship, mental health, family, fighting for what’s right, and standing out from the crowd while standing up for yourself. 

IBPF has created a set of questions related to the book to guide healthy conversations, both addressing the importance of mental health, and to explore how troop members manage their own mental wellness.  


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 Girl Scout, Matisse Picket, earned the IBPF Mental Health Awareness Patch

Matisse was presented the patch by Representative Kenneth Walker of the Mississippi House of Representatives and Mississippi Family As Allies Executive Director, Dr. Joy Hogge.


What you will accomplish and complete!

  1. Learn how the brain impacts mental health
  2. Explore how discrimination against those with a mental health condition makes it difficult to seek help
  3. Learn about many great achievers who experienced mental illness
  4. Research how mental health is portrayed in the media
  5. Create anti-stigma campaign activities

What participants have said!

“Thank you for offering these resources! It has been especially helpful during this time.” – Troop 229

“I am a mental health caseworker for children and had been wanting to teach mental health to my girls. This was perfect, thank you so much!” Troop 71260

“On top of the three requirements, the girls explored resources available in our community and school and we looked into the most common types of mental health issues that youth suffer.” – Troop 3917

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to learn. ” Troop 70585

“Thank you for providing learning & activities for our girls to partake in during the stay-at-home orders across our state.” – Troop 03855

“We completed this patch over our zoom meetings while continuing to meet during the COVID-19 timeframe.  Thanks for offering the program!  It fit right into some of our conversations with COVID-19 and increased anxiety and depression, but went even further!” – Troop 14114

Youth In Action

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