HUGS for Kids

Every child deserves hope, understanding, grace, and support.

HUGS For KidsWe are excited to announce that we are preparing for the launch of our HUGS for Kids pilot program. This program will benefit children who are admitted to psychiatric units and their caregivers. Each kit will include a local resource guide that will provide critical resources for the affected youth and their families, as well as comfort items to ease the child’s inpatient stay such as: a sweatshirt, slipper socks, note card for parents including a message of hope from IBPF, and plush animal friends for the very young.

“These vulnerable patients are feeling hopeless, scared, lonely, unloved and/or unlovable. The IBPF comfort kits will wrap the children in comfort and show them that they are worth it, and that their recovery is real and valued”, says Dr. Carpenter of Sharp Mesa Vista.

Research shows that patients and families who have connection and support have better outcomes when it comes to healing, recovery and continued wellness. In addition, pediatric psychiatric patients historically have not received the same community support that children hospitalized for other reasons have, and IBPF is creating change through the HUGS for Kids program.

Here is what our HUGS will offer:

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