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Are You In Crisis?

If you are in a crisis, please call 988 in the US, or view our list of international hotlines. Calls are confidential and answered by a trained listener who is aware of the available resources for help in your area. They will listen to your needs and connect you to immediate assistance if necessary, or refer you to a place to go for help.

You can also text the crisis line, text “CONNECT” to 741741


Browse a list of resources such as inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, hospitals, clinics, and more. We know the quality of treatment varies greatly from place to place, so we do the best we can to vet these resources by using volunteer recommendations. We also have an internal database of therapists and psychiatrists. To find out if we know someone in your area, or for help finding other resources, email


There are many support groups for both people who have bipolar disorder and their caregivers. In the US, NAMI and DBSA have several throughout the country. Some are for all mental illnesses and some are specific to bipolar. They also offer support groups for families of those affected by mental illness. In the UK, Bipolar UK offers many support groups. Visit our resources page to find support groups in other countries.

There are also several websites with online support groups or chats. One of these is 7 Cups of Tea – a free and confidential conversation with trained active listeners.

Newly Diagnosed?

In addition to the above resources, you might want to check out our book – Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder. PDFs are available for free by clicking the button on the right. We also have tons of other information on our website to learn more about living with bipolar disorder, use the resources button to the right to learn more. Take our Bipolar Questionnaire here

For help finding any of these resources, email

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