College and Community Outreach

Movie Screenings

International Bipolar Foundation offers free screenings of the powerful, moving, and educational film made my our partner The Quell Foundation, Lift The Mask, followed by a panel discussion. This program has had an important impact on hospitals, both general and psychiatric, as well as college campuses and adult and young adult groups throughout the nation as it shares the daily lives and perspectives from those living with mental illness as well as their caregivers.

This film allows better understanding which normalizes conversations around mental health, encouraging people to get help when needed, and ultimately hoping to reduce the alarming number of suicides in our world.

In addition to this film, we previously offered a screening of Kevin Hines’ suicide prevention movie, The Ripple Effect, which was also followed by an impactful panel that included a clinician and survivor of suicide.

Community Outreach

Educational Panels

In partnership with San Diego State University, IBPF facilitates an educational panel for Public Health students. The panelist share their stories of living with or caring for someone with bipolar disorder and allow the students to interact in an honest, stigma-reducing conversation.

“I really appreciated and respected her honesty with her daily struggle with bipolar disorder” – Nicole

“Like Christine, let us be advocates against stigma and work toward the treatment and education of mental health problems” – Gerard

“I applaud programs like this for speaking up on this issue. More awareness needs to be known about mental health issues” – Amber


Our public lectures allow us to support and educate our community. In addition, lectures are recorded and archived on our website for online viewing.

Previous lectures include:

Serena Goldsmith sharing her story. Serena received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College in Sociology and her Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree from California State University San Marcos. Serena has 26 years of lived experience with bipolar disorder, type I. As a mental health recovery educator and advocate, she is passionate about sharing knowledge gained from her own recovery journey as well as from her work with clients in order to provide hope and practical tools to others.

Women’s Panel featuring Aubrey Good, Claire Griffiths and Kitt O’Malley allowing each individual at varying stages of life to share their journeys, including difficulties and tips to thrive with vulnerable transparency. Their powerful stories were real and inspiring to the community.

Resource Fairs

We participate in resource fairs where we talked with and educated the public on the challenges and victories of living with bipolar disorder. For many people this is the first time they have real conversation about bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. Our continued presence in the community is essential to combating stigma. 


Being active in community volunteerism allows us to spread awareness while raising funds for our continued mission.

We volunteer at:

San Diego Beach and Bay Half-Marathon

Tri-City Medical Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon Run

Aloha Run.

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