Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder Free Book

The Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder book is written for both people living with bipolar disorder and their caregivers.

The third edition of Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder is here! Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder is currently available online. Hard copies are currently not available.

Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder is divided into 13 chapters:

  1. What is Bipolar Disorder?
    1. Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
    2. Treatments for Bipolar Disorder
    3. Suicide and Bipolar Disorder
    4. The Risks of Substance Use
    5. Friends, Family, and Romantic Relationships
    6. Natural Therapies and Supportive Nutrition
    7. Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder
    8. Mental Illness and Families of Faith
    9. Going to College with Bipolar Disorder
    10. Caregivers
    11. Bipolar Disorder in the Workplace
    12. Stigma and Mental Illness
    In these chapters, you’ll find clinical information from psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, therapists, social workers, and others. But you’ll also find stories from real people who share how they survive and thrive with bipolar disorder. I hope that you will share your story with us someday. Together, we can build a world of hope.
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