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Aubrey Good

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Aubrey Good has a deep love for Philadelphia sports, Italian food, books, and history. She is now living in San Diego, California with her husband and emotional support dog, Roo. After five years in the Army Reserves, Aubrey was medically retired due to a spine injury. Previous to this injury, she had been misdiagnosed as a young teenager with depression. Subsequent events resulting in reckless behavior, the injury, and other personal struggles led her to being diagnosed with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder at 18 years old. Following the diagnosis, there have been many 'ups and downs' and everything inbetween. The result has been a long, sometimes difficult, but interesting journey through recovery. 

Today Aubrey is a student studying International Relations, Arabic, and French. She is involved in many volunteer and non-profit ventures covering a broad spectrum of topics. Her most recent work, an internship at the International Bipolar Foundation, has inspired her to be open about her bipolar disorder and help others to find understanding and support through education. She attributes much of her success to the support system she has found in her family, friends, and the team at IBPF.


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