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Aubrey Good

A native of the Philadelphia suburbs, Aubrey Good has a deep love for Philadelphia sports, travel, books, and culture. She is now living in San Diego, California with her husband and emotional support dog, Roo. Aubrey is a part-time student and is involved in many volunteer and non-profit ventures covering a broad spectrum of issues. She serves as the Social Media Marketing and Program Manager for IBPF.

Aubrey had been misdiagnosed as a young teenager with depression. Subsequent events resulting in reckless behavior and other personal struggles led her to being diagnosed with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder at 18 years old. Following the diagnosis, there have been many 'ups and downs' and everything inbetween. The result has been a long, sometimes difficult, but interesting journey through recovery. An intership at International Bipolar Foundation inspired her to be open about her bipolar disorder and help others to find understanding and support through education. She attributes much of her success to the support system she has found in her family, friends, and the team at IBPF.



I read your blog named "my experience with ECT". I have to say in 12 years I've suffered just like the rest of you. Half of a month I would wind up in bed like a stiff board I couldn't move! It's like I'm just stuck there suffering in my own skin wondering when is this episode going to end? I can't feed myself, I could barely feed the dog, thank God for wee wee pads. I've tried everything medicine that's out on the market after 12 years nothing has worked. I finally realized not only do I have a shity psychiatrist but I'm treatment-resistant. ECT is my last hope and I'm actually looking forward to it, memory loss and all. Anything is better then waking up and being angry that you actually woke up another day. I can't sit around just waiting to die while the whole world is going on without me. As far as the memory loss that seems very real, but believe it or not I would pray that my past memories were gone, LOL. I feel like that's half my problem and what brought me to where I am today. The pain, the abuse, I still am nervous today. It does worry me if my cognitive skills are affected. I can't even remember 5 minutes ago anyway. So a little more memory loss if that means I can get a life, and not be in that bed all the time. I would like to make some friends again and maybe get a job, that's all I want. I want to be alive and well and happy I'm living life not just existing in it. I need to do this for my children and my future grandchildren. I want to be a good grandmother. I'm 54 years old and I have a lot of time left to live. I want to live it like I used to. So wish me luck, I'm definitely doing it! what I could use from you or anybody that's listening is what hospital to go to. I researched so many of them. I live in New Jersey so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I plan on starting the treatments next week if I can get in. Thank you for listening I'm very isolated and I talk to no one but my dog. I'm glad I found your blog.

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