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Beka Owens

When I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder with episodes of ultra-rapid cycling in 2001, I found an answer for a lot of questions about why I was the way I was – and even more questions about what to do with that information. I hope my blog posts ignite hope and inspiration for readers – and writing them seems to be good therapy for me, too! 

I have undergraduate coursework in writing, nursing, art, psychology, design, dance, massage therapy and more, but my Bachelor’s degree (after many changes in major) is in Allied Health Management. I am working on a Masters in Management with a focus on Public Relations, and currently work full time as a Public Relations Specialist and part time as a massage therapist. At home, I have an amazing, understanding husband, a sensitive, caring little boy and a silly Yorkie that makes us all laugh. 

So far, life has had many ups and downs, and twists and turns, but all in all, I can’t complain. My bipolar life is rarely boring, but it doesn’t define me – I am just me, with bipolar disorder on the side. 



Hello Beka,

I was so deeply touched by both of your articles. They spoke to me because I totally relate to the feeling of uncertainty after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. And I sure can attest to the difficulties of dealing with emotional turmoil in front of my own children. It sounds that you are doing everything that you can to make this condition work for you.

Thank you, Sheyla. It's been a journey - with lots of ups and downs! I'm glad I have this outlet to share my thoughts and (hopefully) give hope to others!

Hi Beka,

I just read an article written by your husband about being a good parent with bipolar disorder. I recently gave birth to my first child and things are going quite well. However I'm wondering how you handled the lack of sleep and if it affected your episodes. Or if you have any books you can recommend? There is surprisingly little out there about parents with bipolar so I figured asking someone with experience would be even better.

Thank you so much for your time!

Hi I saw the comment about lack of sleep and young children. I had premature twins with lots of needs. I found someone to stay with my boys at night. She could sleep and only had to do 2 feedings. Lack of sleep promotes mania and possibly psychosis. Definitely not what you want. Good luck in your journey.

Yes, there is a high divorce rate, but many of us stay and not run. When I married, my wife was not diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. After many years of marriage she was diagnosed and hospitalized numerous times. As her husband, I felt she needed me more than ever and we fought the battle together. We are closer now than ever. Life is a journey and not to be traveled alone. I am angry at the disease, not my wife. My anger is channeled into advocacy for those with mental illness. I understand those that run from the disease, but applaud those that stay the course. Our wives and husbands need us more than ever.

Your comments are so inspiring!

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