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Getting Help

Getting help for my bipolar disorder was one of the hardest and best things I’ve done. I’m a pretty proud and independent person so opening up and making myself vulnerable was extremely daunting. 

Diagnosed During College Is Not The End Of The World

Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder three semesters before you are supposed to graduate with a bachelor in psychology and neuroscience was not written in my life plan. In fact having a mental illness and anything that would stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor or a therapist was not in my life plan. 

A Healthier You: Mental Illness, Medication, and Weight loss

I had given up that I would ever be a size 7 again. I was more like a size 16 and 18. I had gained 60lbs as a side of effect of medication. Well, it did increase my appetite and given that I’m an emotional eater, I solely blamed my weight gain problems on medication. I hated my body and felt so fat. I weighed over 209lbs. I learned to accept that I was overweight. Actually according to the body mass index I was considered obese at 5’5. Ten years ago, I stopped taking my medication because I was tired of being fat.