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Hi, I go by the name of EmmaLou. I live in the state of Virginia in the United States. I am a survivor of mental illness. I am 61 years old and although I was not diagnosed with bipolar until more recently, I know that I have been dealing with its symptoms for quite some time. Unfortunately, the bipolar was not treated when diagnosed and it had taken over my life until I was put on medication.

I worked as a nurse and cashier before having to discontinue public work and go on disability. Now I am sewing and doing counted cross-stitch for people. In addition to bipolar, I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), anxiety, and depression. My true search for help started in 1987 when my life and my marriage fell apart. I moved out of state to get therapy and was then diagnosed with DID. My bipolar diagnosis came many years later. I strongly believe that just because you experience mental illness that does not make you a lesser person. I also believe that we who experience mental illness need to form bonds and a support system with others that have similar experiences so that we can support each other through this process.



Emmalou, I agree with you 100%! We are NOT lesser people and I too believe it is SO important for us to build relationships with others sharing the same diagnosis.

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