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Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND

Last month I gave a webinar for International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) entitled Removing Obstacles: A Naturopathic Perspective on Treatment. In that webinar I discussed the philosophy and therapeutic order of naturopathic medicine and gave some examples related directly to the natural treatment of bipolar disorder. One of the primary concepts, as...

Why Do I Fast?

January 30, 2014

Scott Walker

When you hear or read the word fast (in relation to food), what immediately comes to mind? If you had mentioned the word fasting to me a couple of years ago, I would have instantly thought of one or more days without food and/or water. The word fasting ( for me has always been from a religious context. ...

Which Came First

January 29, 2014

Rebecca Lombardo

We often hear people speak of the “chicken or the egg” theory.  Which came first?  The same can be asked of which comes first in people that are both overweight and depressed.  Which came first?  I know that I was overweight as a child.  Was I depressed as I child?  I don’t necessarily think so, but I am both...

Dr. Jennifer Bahr, ND

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is always tough for me. I am sure many of you can relate to a seasonal pattern for highs and lows – bright, sunny, energetic spring and summer almost always brings about the same in me, and so why wouldn't dull, dreary cold fall and winter do likewise? There are several things that this could be...

What Goes on in my Head

July 29, 2013

Charlotte Walker

Whilst away on holiday recently I became aware of the near-constant narrative that goes on in my head about food, weight, and appearance. This is my attempt at faithfully capturing the narrative in order to explore my eating issues which are, I am told, subclinical, despite how much they dominate my thoughts.09.30 I feel great this morning. I...

Carley Cooper

Controlling our Bipolar Disorder is a full time job, even during the good times. We have meds, psychotherapy, and other standard treatments. However, have you considered food as a form of treatment? I've discovered there are certain foods that help me keep the Bipolar roller coaster on the up side.Here’s My Story in a Nutshell It all started...