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He's Not Crazy, He's My Dadda!

Editor's Note: This was orginally a book and has been converted to a blog. Each paragraph was a different page in the book. 

Dedication: This book is dedicated to my dad. My dad has a daily struggle with his mental illnesses. But, he pushes through it, and that is why he is my hero. I love my brave hero! 

In 2012, my dad was diagnosed with many mental illnesses. My dad is 38 years old and has gone through many things that ordinary people do not go through. 

My dad suffers from Bipolar II and Schizophrenia. That means he has a serious brain disorder. It causes unusual changes in his mood and his energy. 

In 2012, my dad had to go to the hospital to control his disorders. I missed him very much. 

When my dad came home from the hospital, he was told by his doctor that he had to take medicine for his illnesses. His journey on finding the right medicine started. 

I believe my dad is so brave because he has to be an experiment to doctors. One month he will be on a medication, and the next month, he will be on another. It seems like he takes a million pills. 

It’s all the same to me. He is the sweetest man I’ve ever known. He teaches me not ot give up, and that it’s ok to be different have problems.

I love my dad. He’s not crazy, he’s my Dadda. 



My name is Princess Rios. I am 9 years old. I live in California. I am in third grade. I enjoy reading, dancing, singing, and acting. I also love swimming and playing basketball. 

Princess won a Young Author's Award for writing this book. 




What a lovely story it's a pity there aren't more good tales like this

My 15 year old daughter suffers with bipolar and other mental illnesses. It's a daily struggle and it takes all she has some days to just get up. She is beautifully different in so many ways. This story is amazing, if only more people would look at mental health this way. I'm a big advocate for her and others who suffer. Stay strong, be yourself, and remember everyday, this is the life you were given, it was handed to you for a reason, run with it and make your mark on the world.

Lets look at the big picture here. This Story is written by a third grader! Lets spread the love and positivity that this child is filled with and do good! Princess you are Amazing! Keep being you! Dont ever change how you think for anyone! You have a bright future ahead of you! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story! Your "Dadda" is blessed to have you in his life :)

Hi my name is La'Kisha Rogers I was diagnosed with bipolar, and schizophrenia paranoia type. I have a Cps case pending. I really love my children two boys ages 13 and 2. I would do anything to stay active in their life. I try not to let my illness effect my parenting at all. I am consistent with taking my meds and attending therapy. Please keep US in your prayers.

What a brave and wonderful story thank you for writing that. Kids that have parents with bipolar I or II have a hard time dealing n you were brave enough to tell your story tyvm I am greatful to read it!

Thank you for writing this is a beautiful story.I just want to say that more people need to tell their story I struggled my whole life not sure what was going on I have herd others make fun of people who have depression anxiety or different problems .This is not a joke ,it is not some thing people make up it is our life and it is a struggle every day.Thanks again for sharing your story.

Thank you all for your amazing words I am so excited to write my next book

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