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Anti-Stigma Educational Video

This video is designed to illustrate that individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder can lead productive and fulfilling lives. Like any medical condition, with proper treatment and lifestyle management our love ones can accomplish extraordinary things. Help IBPF eliminate social stigma associated with bipolar disorder. Share this video with family and friends.

One Step Forward; Two Steps Back

This year has been particularly difficult for me. When depression hit, it hit hard. When it rains, it pours → as they say. Right as I thought I was pulling myself through, I hit rock bottom. With sinus infections and chronic migraines all year, it's no wonder that I've struggled. Yet through it all, here I am. Doing my part to better myself, and in turn doing what I can to enlighten those around me.

A Little About Hope

I’m often asked what gave me HOPE through my darkest years and what gets me through rough patches today. There are several key techniques and practices that have helped me throughout the years, and I’m not hesitant to implement them today when I need them. Aside from the clearly important things, like staying on your medication, and communicating with your doctor, here are a few practical day-to-day tips that have seen me through.