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My Recovery and the Role of the International Bipolar Foundation in My Healing

By: Liz Wilson

Sobriety is the number one precursor to my success at Recovery. As an ex addict and person living with bipolar disorder, the International Bipolar Foundation has given me the opportunity to research and report to you on issues such as dual diagnosis and Drug Treatment Court.

Through my blogging I have found the opportunity to give freely what’s been given to me. To take the message on to others that dual diagnosis is not a death sentence nor does it have to be a life sentence; instead it’s an opportunity to learn and grow about myself, much of which has been done in the pages of

Safety planning webinars and links to agencies with conferences and trainings I was able to attend have given me strength in using my voice to speak out to those in recovery about the tough issues and the immense amount of hope there is for each of us.

Self-discovery is where International Bipolar Foundation was most impactful! Creativity webinar by my heroine; Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison parlayed into my blog Creative Minds Want to Know. I have blogged about my husbands and children and how they have fit into my bipolar recovery.

I can honestly say without hesitation that my work since 2015 with International bipolar Foundation my research for blogging and simply within their pages has been the strongest and most pointed time of recovery in my life!



My son has bipolar and is self medicating plus prescribed medications. Noticed with him smoking marijuana after a certain point he gets angry, verbally abusive,threating me and becomes a total monster. He has been told that smoking marijuana makes meds not work. He also is a little mentally delayed so there is no talking sense to him. We fight 24/7 about this marijuana addiction and does not think he needs help or that it has become a real obstacle in every aspect of his life. Family cannot deal with his anger manic behavior. Friends don't come around, and has no interest in anything and has flat out told me he dies not care about anything or anyone especially me. Very disrespectful and rude he tells me it makes him feel better and normal. He has tried many combinations of meds in the past but never really helped him to feel a little normal. Combining this with marijuana makes his bipolar worse. Hard for me to live everyday like this watching him destroy himself. Nothing I can do due to he refuses a rehab and threatens me to stay in my house. I have tried to call rehabs explaining he cannot think we'll because of his develipmentally delayed issues so he would have to want this himself and won't let me make him go. What to do when he can't think right, won't let this drug go and make me deal with this dual diagnose don't have the heart to commit him to a hospital or group home.

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