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About Me

Disclaimer: Any information provided in this blog is based on my own personal experiences and opinions. No information I provide should ever replace the opinions and advice of a professional. I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or affiliated with any Mental Health Organization. I ask you to please consult with your own physician before you decide to use my opinions or information for your own personal use. 

Single Parent

 Being a parent is hard. Let’s face it, there is no instruction manual. Goodness knows we’re all going to make our share of mistakes. It’s just a part of life. As hard as parenting is, usually you have a partner to help you thru the tough times. It’s even harder when you’re a single parent. Single mom, single dad it doesn’t matter. It’s just hard. There is no one to turn to in the middle of a bad day and say I need a break or I can’t handle this right now. It’s all on you.