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On Motherhood & Mental Illness

December 17, 2012
 On Motherhood"You're a really good mother. Your son is very lucky to have such an attentive mom."These words were said to me yesterday by a pediatrician. Because I've been sick for most of my son's life, I feel insecure about the mother that I am most of the time so I had a hard time believing that these words were meant for me.She repeated...
They come in threes.1. I spun out over Time Magazine’s controversial article Are You Mom Enough? extolling the virtues of attachment parenting, AKA, baby-centered parenting, which includes breastfeeding well into toddler years, co-sleeping and a strong distain for sleep training.2. I read about Aimee Ziegler’s death due to postpartum psychosis.3....